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Volume 4. Biology of Nutrition in Growing Animals

Published: 10th October 2005 Editors: Rainer Mosenthin Juergen Zentek Teresa Zebrowska
Part of the Biology of Growing Animals series, this book presents up-to-date information on the biology of animal nutrition. It describes how dietary modulation of the gastrointestinal function in young and growing farm animals is achieved through different kinds of feed additives, such as probiotics, prebiotics, organic acids, and novel sources of feed enzymes, as well as bioactive components and metabolic modifiers. The book also discusses the role of nutrition in immune response and animal health, the problem of antinutrients — including mucotoxins and some minerals — in animal nutrition, and the biotechnological, molecular, and ecophysiological aspects of nutrition. In addition, safety and legal aspects are presented.

Additional volumes

Volume 2. Microbial Ecology of Growing Animals

Published: 15th February 2005 Authors: Wilhelm Holzapfel Patrick Naughton

Volume 3. Biology of Metabolism in Growing Animals

Published: 15th February 2005 Authors: Douglas Burrin Harry Mersmann

Volume 1. Biology of the Intestine in Growing Animals

Published: 20th February 2003 Editors: R. Zabielski P. C. Gregory B. Westrom