Series: Best Synthetic Methods

Pyridines: from lab to production

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Volume . Pyridines: from lab to production

Published: 22nd January 2013 Editors: Eric F.V. Scriven

Provides a synthetic armory of tools to aid the practicing chemist by reviewing the most reliable historical methods alongside new methods/ Written by scientists who have actually used these in synthesis. By emphasizing tricks and tips to optimize reactions for the best yields and purity, which are often missing from the primary literature, this book provides another dimension for the synthetic chemist. A combined academic and industrial approach evaluates the best methods for different scales of reaction and discusses practical tips (e.g. when to stop a reaction early to maximize purity or when to re-use side products). Chapters also assess whether to make or source starting materials, how to connect them and what are the best synthetic routes. The book is designed to be a stand-alone reference, but also provides cross references to leading reviews and the Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry reference works for those who want to learn more.

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