Series: Best of Long Range Planning Series - First Series

The aim of the Best of Long Range Planning is to bring together the best articles on a particular topic from the Long Range Planning journal, so that readers wishing to study a specific aspect of planning can find an authoritative and comprehensive view of the subject, conveniently published in one volume. The Best of Long Range Planning builds into an invaluable reference library, covering all the important aspects of strategic planning.
Book Series: Strategic Planning for Public Service and Non-Profit Organizations

Most recent volume

Volume 12. Strategic Planning for Public Service and Non-Profit Organizations

Published: 16th February 1993 Editor: John M. Bryson
Section headings and papers: Introduction. Strategic planning for public service and non-profit organizations, J. M. Bryson. The Strategic Planning Process. A strategic planning process for public and non-profit organizations, J. M. Bryson. Strategic Planning in Local Government. Making strategic planning work in local government, R. W. Rider. Planning for strategic performance in local government, R. McGill. Strategic Planning in State Enterprises. Why planning in state enterprises doesn't work, M. Javidan & A. Dastmalchian. Strategic management of public and non-market corporations, J. Ruffat. Strategic Management of Projects. Planning development projects: lessons from developing countries, D. A. Rondinelli. How NASA moved from R & D to operations, J. L. Hunsucker et al. Strategic Planning in Non-Profit and Voluntary Organizations. Strategic planning for the world wildlife fund, G. J. Medley. Managing Participation. Participative planning for a public service, T. Grewe et al. Futures research - working with management teams, D. Sims & C. Eden. Additional Tools. Foresight activities in the USA: time for a re-assessment, L. L. Lederman. Realistic planning for transportation - a flexible approach, A. M. Khan.

Additional volumes

Volume 7. Strategic Service Management

Published: 21st November 1990 Editor: D. Boyle

Volume 1. Strategic Planning

Published: 30th November 1988 Editor: B. Taylor