Series: Atlases in Diagnostic Surgical Pathology

Most recent volume

Volume . PART - Expert Consulte Site for Atlas of Gynecologic Surgical Pathology

Published: 3rd December 2013 Editors: Robert Young Philip Clement

Additional volumes

Atlas of Human Anatomy

Published: 22nd March 2006 Editors: Reinhard Putz Reinhard Pabst

Atlas of Orthopedic Pathology

Published: 25th October 2002 Editors: Franklin Sim Lester Wold K. Krishnan Unni Claus-Peter Adler

Atlas of Breast Pathology

Published: 18th July 2002 Editors: Steven Silverberg

Atlas of Bone Marrow and Blood Pathology

Published: 19th October 2000 Editors: Faramarz Naeim

Atlas of Renal Pathology

Published: 8th February 1999 Editors: William Kern Jan Pitha Tibor Nadasdy Barbara Bane Zoltan Laszik Fred Silva

Atlas of Lymphoid Hyperplasia and Lymphoma

Published: 19th August 1997 Editors: Nancy Lee Harris Judith Ferry

Atlas of Endocrine Pathology

Published: 12th June 1997 Editors: Bruce Wenig Carol Adair Clara Heffess

Atlas of Surgical Pathology of the Male Reproductive Tract

Published: 7th October 1996 Editors: Alberto Ayala Jae Ro David Grignon

Atlas of Cardiovascular Pathology

Published: 30th January 1996 Editors: Allen Burke Renu Virmani Andrew Farb

Atlas of Gastrointestinal Pathology

Published: 22nd June 1994 Editors: David Owen James Kelly

Atlas of Orthopedic Pathology

Published: 24th April 1990 Editors: K. Krishnan Unni Richard McLeod Lester Wold Franklin Sim