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Volume . Fundamentals of Acoustical Oceanography

Published: 16th October 1997 Authors: Herman Medwin Clarence Clay
The developments in the field of ocean acoustics over recent years make this book an important reference for specialists in acoustics, oceanography, marine biology, and related fields. Fundamentals of Acoustical Oceanography also encourages a new generation of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs to apply the modern methods of acoustical physics to probe the unknown sea. The book is an authoritative, modern text with examples and exercises. It contains techniques to solve the direct problems, solutions of inverse problems, and an extensive bibliography from the earliest use of sound in the sea to present references. Written by internationally recognized scientists, the book provides background to measure ocean parameters and processes, find life and objects in the sea, communicate underwater, and survey the boundaries of the sea. Fundamentals of Acoustical Oceanography explains principles of underwater sound propagation, and describes how both actively probing sonars and passively listening hydrophones can reveal what the eye cannot see over vast ranges of the turbid ocean. This book demonstrates how to use acoustical remote sensing, variations in sound transmission, in situ<$> acoustical measurements, and computer and laboratory models to identify the physical and biological parameters and processes in the sea.

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Acoustic Wave Sensors

Published: 10th October 1996 Series Editors: Moises Levy Richard Stern Authors: D. Ballantine, Jr. Robert White S. Martin Antonio Ricco E. Zellers G. Frye H. Wohltjen