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Elsevier Energy Compendia contain collections of recent articles on topical themes. Drawn from leading research journals, these articles are selected, reviewed, and introduced by authoritative figures from within their respective fields.

The Elsevier Energy Compendia series covers energy from various perspectives, including: environmental issues, policy & economics, renewable energy, fossil fuels, electric and nuclear power.

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Book Series: Emissions Reduction: NOx/SOx Suppression

Most recent volume

Volume . Emissions Reduction: NOx/SOx Suppression

Published: 18th December 2001 Author: A. Tomita
Over the past decade the topic of emissions reduction and control has remained an important area of research due to the enforcement of various Government policies in an attempt to minimize the impact on the environment. One area in which a great deal of research has been conducted to address this policy is NOx/SOx suppression. However, despite the progress that has been made over this time period, further research into the most effective method of reducing NOx/SOx emissions is still urgently required. In developed countries, a more stringent requirement in the level of emissions (such as is NOx/SOx component of less than 10ppm) will be enforced in the near future. Developing countries will also need a new technology that is effective and that is suited to each countries needs. Additional research and development efforts are thus necessary to meet such requirements.

This compendium contains a collection of key papers themed around NOx/SOx emissions from combustion of hydrocarbon resources and the attempts to secure an efficient and effective method for reducing these emissions. These key papers are taken from the journals Fuel, Fuel Processing Technology and Progress in Energy and Combustion Science.

Additional volumes

Mitigating Climate Change: Flexibility Mechanisms

Published: 18th December 2001 Author: T. Jackson