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Volume . Spacecraft Dynamics and Control

Published: 9th March 2018 Authors: Enrico Canuto Carlo Novara Donato Carlucci Carlos Perez Montenegro Luca Massotti

Spacecraft Dynamics and Control: The Embedded Model Control Approach provides a uniform way of approaching space engineering control problems from the standpoint of model-based control, using state equations as the key dynamic model for simulation, design and implementation. The book introduces model-based control design methodology for spacecraft attitude and orbit control. It then covers model-based estimation and control algorithm design, using spacecraft and environment dynamics as the core of the implemented control algorithms—referred to as the embedded (or internal) model. The book also presents two appendices, in which the state equation machinery is fully exploited and introduced.

Embedded model and noise estimators constitute a closed‐loop state predictor to be stabilized by the estimator gains. Kalman filter optimization may be adopted under certain restricted assumptions. This book is indispensable for researchers and practitioners in the field of control engineering, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering and applied mathematics.

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