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Volume . Theory of Aerospace Propulsion

Published: 21st October 2011 Author: Pasquale Sforza

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Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students

Published: 26th October 2009 Authors: Howard Curtis Howard Curtis

Orbital Mechanics

Author: Howard Curtis

Spacecraft Dynamics and Control

Authors: Enrico Canuto Carlo Novara Donato Carlucci Carlos Perez Montenegro

Commercial Aircraft Hydraulic Systems

Published: 15th October 2015 Authors: Shaoping Wang Mileta Tomovic Hong Liu

Aeroacoustics: Fundamentals and Applications in Aeropropulsion Systems

Authors: Xiaofeng Sun Xiaodong Jing Xiaoyu Wang

Asymptotic Theory of Supersonic Viscous Gas Flows

Published: 17th December 2007 Editor: Vladimir Neyland