Series: Advances in Tourism Research

Advances in Tourism Research is an established series of monographs and edited volumes which comprise state-of-the-art research findings, written and edited by leading researchers working in the wider field of tourism studies.
The series has been designed to provide a cutting edge focus for researchers interested in tourism, particularly the management issues now facing decision-makers, policy analysts and the public sector. The audience is much wider than just academics and each book seeks to make a significant contribution to the literature in the field of study by not only reviewing the state of knowledge relating to each topic but by questioning some of the prevailing assumptions and research paradigms which currently exist in tourism research. The series also aims to provide a platform for further studies in each area by highlighting key research agendas which will stimulate further debate and interest in the expanding area of tourism research. The series is always willing to consider new ideas for innovative and scholarly books and inquiries can be made to the Series Editor.
Book Series: International Perspectives of Festivals and Events

Most recent volume

Volume . International Perspectives of Festivals and Events

Published: 24th October 2008 Editors: Jane Ali-Knight Martin Robertson Alan Fyall Adele Ladkin
International Perspectives of Festivals and Events addresses contemporary issues concerning the potential of festivals and events to produce economic, social, cultural and community benefits. Incorporating a range of international perspectives, the book provides the reader with a global look at current trends and topics, which have until now, been underrepresented by current literature.

International Perspectives of Festivals and Events includes a broad range of research, case studies and examples from well-known scholars in the field to form a unified volume that informs the reader of the current status of festivals and events around the world. In a fast-moving industry where new theory and practice is implemented rapidly, this is essential reading for any advanced student or researcher in festivals and events.

Additional volumes

Volume 16. Tomorrow's Tourist

Published: 19th June 2008 Author: Ian Yeoman

Asian Tourism

Published: 5th December 2007 Editor: Janet Cochrane

Developments in Tourism Research

Published: 10th September 2007 Editors: David Airey John Tribe

New Frontiers in Marine Tourism

Published: 5th September 2007 Editors: Brian Garrod Stefan Gossling

Battlefield Tourism

Published: 30th July 2007 Editor: Chris Ryan

Travel Medicine

Published: 30th April 2007 Editors: Annelies Wilder-Smith Marc Shaw Eli Schwartz

The Critical Turn in Tourism Studies

Published: 5th February 2007 Editors: Irena Ateljevic Annette Pritchard Nigel Morgan

Tourism and Politics

Published: 2nd November 2006 Editors: Peter M. Burns Marina Novelli


Published: 19th October 2006 Editors: Conrad Lashley Paul Lynch Alison Morrison

Tourism in the New Europe

Published: 19th October 2006 Editors: Rhodri Thomas Marcjanna Augustyn

Micro-Clusters and Networks

Published: 19th September 2006 Author: Ewen Michael

Tourism and Social Identities

Published: 13th July 2006 Editors: Peter M. Burns Marina Novelli

Benchmarking National Tourism Organisations and Agencies

Published: 2nd May 2006 Editors: John Lennon Hugh Smith Nancy Cockerell Jill Trew

Extreme Tourism: Lessons from the World's Cold Water Islands

Published: 4th April 2006 Editor: Godfrey Baldacchino

Progress in Tourism Marketing

Published: 30th March 2006 Editors: Metin Kozak Luisa Andreu

Tourism Local Systems and Networking

Published: 3rd March 2006 Editors: Luciana Lazzeretti Clara S Petrillo

Taking Tourism to the Limits

Published: 2nd December 2005 Editors: Chris Ryan Stephen J. Page Michelle Aicken

Tourism in Turbulent Times

Published: 8th November 2005 Editors: Jeff Wilks Donna Pendergast Peter Leggat

An International Handbook of Tourism Education

Published: 11th October 2005 Editors: David Airey John Tribe

Indigenous Tourism

Published: 13th July 2005 Editors: Chris Ryan Michelle Aicken

Destination Marketing Organisations

Published: 13th November 2004 Author: Steven Pike

Small Firms in Tourism

Published: 17th December 2003 Author: Rhodri Thomas

Tourism and Transport

Published: 16th December 2003 Editors: Les M. Lumsdon Stephen J. Page

Tourism Public Policy, and the Strategic Management of Failure

Published: 4th September 2003 Editor: William Revill Kerr

Managing Tourist Health and Safety in the New Millennium

Published: 4th June 2003 Editors: Jeff Wilks Stephen J. Page

Seasonality in Tourism

Published: 7th December 2001 Editors: Tom Baum Svend Lundtorp

Interconnected Worlds: Tourism in Southeast Asia

Published: 5th July 2001 Editors: P. Teo T.C. Chang Author: K.C. Ho

The Tourist-Historic City

Published: 7th November 2000 Authors: G.J. Ashworth J.E. Tunbridge

Tourism Demand Modelling and Forecasting

Published: 30th June 2000 Editors: Haiyan Song S.F. Witt