Series: Advances in the Study of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Growth

This series aims to present the latest research on entrepreneurship and innovation and the impact on economic performance. Research topics covered include all aspects of entrepreneurial behavior-the determinants of research and development, intellectual property concerns, innovation within and across firms, the effect of government regulation and tax policies, patenting and other property rights issues, organizational factors, market structure effects, marketing strategies, entrepreneurship programs and other educational activities, and the relative performance of entrepreneurial firms. The disciplines covered include economics, marketing, management, finance, and history. The target audience includes both academics and practicing entrepreneurs. The overall objective is to disseminate research in a clear and effective manner to promote communication between the business and academic communities and to foster entrepreneurship within the society. A volume is published annually. Advances in the Study of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, & Economic Growthr is now available online at ScienceDirect — full-text online of volumes 12 onwards.
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