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Volume . Chemical Signals in Vertebrates VII

Published: 24th November 1995 Editors: R. Apfelbach K. Reutter E. Weiler D. Müller-Schwarze
This is the seventh in a series of books on chemocommunication and chemical ecology in animals from fish to humans. This volume grew out of the Symposium on Chemical Signals in Vertebrates VII, hosted in July 1994 in Germany.

More than 200 scientists from 22 countries contributed to the symposium and this book.

Expression of olfactory receptors, effects of the major histocompatibility complex and of bacteria on semiochemicals are "growing points" of the young disciplines of chemoreception and chemocommunication studies. They are balanced by a strong field of behavior studies in a broad array of taxa. Investigations of sensory inputs deal with olfaction, vomolfaction, taste and terminal nerve. The breadth of the topics covert attests to the vigor and importance of the study of chemical signals in vertebrates, including, of course, humans.

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