Series: Advances in Systems Control and Information Engineering

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Volume . Concise Encyclopedia of Measurement & Instrumentation

Published: 23rd December 1993 Editors: K.T.V. Grattan L. Finkelstein
Based on the foundation provided by the highly acclaimed Systems & Control Encyclopedia, this book presents in a single volume new material concerning the current state of measurement and instrumentation. It does not simply provide a catalogue of transducer devices and related systems but deals with the subject of measurement and instrumentation on a fundamental basis, leading from the basic concepts and principles of measurement science through to transducer devices and their applications, thereby bringing together the subject as a whole - the systems approach. The book is different from many that have been published in taking this fundamental approach and drawing together material from a wide range of experts in the UK, Europe and the USA, it brings together the best from a wide range of practitioners in the field of measurement and instrumentation.

The content of the book is arranged alphabetically. It deals with all important subjects, these being:

• General theoretical principles of measurement and instrumentation;

• Instruments and instrument systems in relation to their life cycle;

• Instrument systems: elements and general technology;

• Measurement and information systems classified by measurand; and

• Applications.

A significant feature of the text is the progression from theoretical principles, through transducers to applications. The thematic arrangement around which the book has been planned is also shown in the introduction.

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