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Volume 4. Concise Encyclopedia of Environmental Systems

Published: 9th August 1993 Editor: P.C. Young
The Concise Encyclopedia of Environmental Systems provides a concise overview of the current state of the art in the study of environmental systems. Contains specially commissioned articles and updated and revised articles from the acclaimed Systems & Control Encyclopedia. The subjects covered include: agricultural systems; atmospheric processes and air quality; ecosystems; environmental chemistry; geology, soil processes and geophysics; hydrology, fluid dynamics and water quality; marine processes; meteorology; and climatology. In addition, many of the articles cover the methodological procedures used in environmental systems analysis, with contributions on automatic control and management; computers in modelling and management; environmental planning; environmetric methods, including time-series analysis; mathematical modelling, including data-based, physically based and simulation modelling; remote sensing and image processing; uncertainty in environmental systems; and sensitivity analysis. The encyclopedia is extensively cross-referenced on two levels - to articles of direct relevance as well as to other articles which will provide the reader with more general background information.

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