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Volume 3. Advances in Porous Media

Published: 6th December 1996 Author: M.Y. Corapcioglu
Modeling subsurface biodegradation of non–aqueous phase liquids (P.C. de Blanc et al.). Introduction. Physical properties of NAPL compounds. NAPL environmental degradation. Modeling subsurface biodegradation. Discussion of representative models. Conclusions and recommended modeling approach. Flow of non–Newtonian fluids in porous media (Y.-S. Wu, K. Pruess). Introduction. Rheological model. Mathematical model. Single–phase flow of power–law non–Newtonian fluids. Transient flow of a single–phase Bingham non–Newtonian fluid. Multiphase immiscible flow involving non–Newtonian fluids. Concluding remarks. Appendix 1: List of symbols. Numerical simulation of sedimentary basin–scale hydrochemical processes (J.P. Raffensperger). Introduction. Governing equations. Numerical solution. Applications. Summary. Appendix 1: Notation list. Stabilization/solidification of hazardous wastes in soil matrices (E.R. Cook, B. Batchelor). Introduction. Soil stabilization/solidification applications. Cement hydration reactions. Soil/cement reactions. Environmental interactions. Long term performance assessment. Conclusions and recommendations. Propagation of waves in porous media (M.Y. Corapcioglu, K. Tuncay). Introduction. Biot's theory. Solutions of Biot's formulation. Liquefaction of soils. Wave propagation in unsaturated porous medium. Use of wave propagation equation to estimate permeability. Wave propagation in marine environments. Application of mixture theory. The use of macroscopic balance equations to obtain wave propagation equations in saturated porous media. Wave propagation in fractured porous media saturated by two immiscible fluids.