Series: Advances in Polymers and Fibers

The Advances in Polymers and Fibers series offers the most recent findings and advances in various areas of polymers and fiber technology. This series provides high-level edited reference works, which will touch on advanced research in materials science, materials engineering, polymer science, polymer physics and polymer chemistry. Each title emphasizes the various aspects of synthesis, processing, characterization and applications of polymers and fibers, covering the latest findings and observations in a given topic, as well as presenting an outlook for future research – suggesting novel opportunities and ideas for developing and improving technology in the area.

The scope of the series covers a range of interdisciplinary fields relating to polymers and fibers including:

•             Polymer synthesis, structures, properties, surface and applications.

•             Plastics, elastomers, rubber technology, polymeric hybrid materials, polymer composites.

•             Sustainability, including polymer recycling, biopolymers and biodegradable plastics

•             Natural fibers (hard fibers, seed, leaf fibers, and protein fibers), textile fibers, carbon fibers, glass fibers, polymer fibers etc.

•             Physics, chemistry, structure, functionalization and processing of natural and synthetic fibers.

•             Physical, chemical, mechanical and electrical properties of fibers.

•             Textile biomedical materials, textile characterization, textile composites.

Books in the series are aimed at an interdisciplinary academic research audience, operating in the fields of polymer science, materials science and engineering, fiber science, textiles, chemistry, chemical engineering. These will also be of interest to those working in professional R&D and engineers in industry

Book Series: Biopolymer Grafting: Synthesis and Properties

Most recent volume

Volume . Biopolymer Grafting: Synthesis and Properties

Published: 29th September 2017 Editor: Vijay Kumar Thakur

Biopolymer Grafting: Synthesis and Properties presents the latest research and developments in fundamental of synthesis and properties of biopolymer-based graft copolymers. The book presents a broad overview of the biopolymer grafting process, along with trends in the field. It also introduces a range of grafting methods which lead to materials with enhanced properties for a range of practical applications, along with the positives and limitations of these techniques. The book bridges the knowledge gap between the scientific principles and industrial applications of polymer grafting.

This book covers synthesis and characterization of graft-copolymers of plant polysaccharides, functional separation membranes from grafted biopolymers, and polysaccharides in alternative methods for insulin delivery. Recent trends and advances in this area are discussed, assisting materials scientists and researchers in mapping out the future of these new "green" materials through value addition to enhance their use.

Additional volumes

Biopolymer Grafting: Applications

Published: 21st September 2017 Author: Vijay Kumar Thakur