Series: Advances in Phytomedicine

A book series devoted to emerging research in ethnomedicine and drug discovery.

The book series 'Advances in Phytomedicine' is an international series devoted exclusively to the emerging research in ethnomedicine and drug development. The series will serve as a platform to reflect the transdisciplinary nature of the field of ethnomedicine. A variety of disciplines including all aspects of drug safety, drug monitoring, reporting, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics metabolism, pharmacodynamics and adverse reactions of clinical ethnomedical research will be covered. Topics such as non-clinical safety, efficacy, toxicology, public policy issues, pharmaceutical, ethnoveterinary, ethnographic, applied sciences and other disciplines related to the development of indigenous knowledge in drug development will be discussed in the series.

The book series is intended to address the issue of practice of traditional medicine and the remedies used as it relates to drug development and the standardization of traditional remedies and their translation into phytomedicines, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements. The niche covered by this series is the interphase between ethnomedicine and modern 'Materia medica'.

The first book published in the series is entitled:

Book Series: Naturally Occurring Bioactive Compounds

Most recent volume

Volume 3. Naturally Occurring Bioactive Compounds

Published: 25th September 2006 Series Volume Editors: Mahendra Rai Maria Carpinella
This timely book provides an overview of natural products/botanicals used for the management of insect-pest and diseases. It will help readers to update and widen their knowledge about natural products and their bio-activities against plant pathogens. The volume explores activity, chemistry, toxicity and geographic distribution of plants. Discussions concerning the methodology used for the detection of active principles, their mode of action and commercial prospects are of utmost importance and worthy of note.

Additional volumes

Volume 2. Lead Molecules from Natural Products

Published: 7th July 2006 Series Volume Editors: Mahmud Tareq Hassan Khan Arjumand Ather

Volume 1. Ethnomedicine and Drug Discovery

Published: 1st March 2002 Editors: M.M. Iwu J. Wootton