Series: Advances in Motivation Science

Elsevier is proud to launch our new serial, Advances in Motivation Science. Motivation research continues to be integral to the scientific study of psychology. Advances in Motivation Science provides an overview of key research programs conducted by highly respected scholars working in this area. As such, it is the essential resource for literature reviews of influential work being conducted in the field. Contributions are from internationally recognized experts focusing on cutting edge theoretical and empirical contributions, with special attention on directions for future research.

About the Editors: Andrew Elliot, University of Rochester, USA.

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Book Series: Advances in Motivation Science

Most recent volume

Volume 4. Advances in Motivation Science

Published: 2nd June 2017 Serial Editor: Andrew Elliot

Advances in Motivation Science, Volume Four is the latest in Elsevier's brand new serial on the topic of motivation science. For this release, users will find comprehensive chapters on a variety of topics, including Self-regulatory functions supporting motivated action, Motivating personality: Approach, avoidance, and their conflict, Incentives and pay for performance in the workplace, Culture and motivation: A socio-ecological approach, The evolving understanding of physical activity behavior: A multi-process action control approach, and a chapter on Motivated emotion regulation: Principles, lessons, and implications of a motivational analysis of emotion regulation.

The advent of the cognitive revolution in the 1960 and 70s eclipsed the emphasis on motivation to a large extent, but in the past two decades motivation has returned en force. Today, motivational analyses of affect, cognition, and behavior are ubiquitous across psychological literatures and disciplines. This series brings together internationally recognized experts who focus on cutting-edge theoretical and empirical contributions in this important area of psychology.

Additional volumes

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