Series: Advances in Molecular and Cell Biology

In this serie we hope to capture some of the excitement and vitality that characterizes the state of Molecular and Cell Biology today. We have chosen an approach in which individual researchers at the forefront of cell biology have been invited to highlight some of the most important research and technical advances in their research. While these articles will integrate these advances into the large picture of Molecular Cell Biology research, the authors have not been burdened with the task of reviewing all advances in their fields or assembling an exhaustive citation list from which the reader can develop a bibliography of all work published on a particular topic. Instead, we have tried to choose a format in which individual researchers will do what they do best: to explain the areas in which are shaping that field and influencing the direction of scientific thought and experimentation.
Chloride Movements Across Cellular Membranes

Most recent volume

Volume 38. Chloride Movements Across Cellular Membranes

Published: 8th January 2007
All living cells are surrounded by a lipidic membrane that isolates them from the often harsh environment. However, to take up nutrients, to excrete waste, and to communicate among each other, Nature has invented an incredibly diverse set of transmembrane transport proteins. Specialized transporters exist to shuttle electrically charged ions, positive cations like sodium or negative anions like chloride, across the membrane. In the recent years, tremendous progress has been made in the field of chloride transport. The present book presents the state of the art of this rapidly expanding and interest-gaining field of membrane transport. It is addressed at a broad medically, physiologically, biologically, and biophysically interested readership.

Additional volumes

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Published: 21st November 2006

Volume 36. Caveolae and Lipid Rafts: Roles in Signal Transduction & the Pathogenesis of Human Disease

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Volume 34. Principles of Sex-Based Differences in Physiology

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Published: 31st March 1999 Editors: David Garrod A.J. North M.A.J. Chidgey

Volume 27. Intracellular Protein Degradation

Published: 7th August 1998 Editors: A.J. Rivett

Volume 26. Cell Polarity

Published: 25th August 1998 Editors: J.R. Bartles

Volume 25. Oxyradicals in Medical Biology

Published: 23rd April 1998 Editors: J.M. McCord

Volume 24. Cell Structure and Signaling

Published: 19th October 1997 Editors: R.H. Getzenberg

Volume 23. Ion Pumps, Part A

Published: 19th November 1997 Editors: J.P. Andersen

Volume 22. Protein Structural Biology in Biomedical Research, Part A

Published: 16th January 1998 Editors: C. Woodward N.M. Allewell

Volume 21. In VIVO Footprinting

Published: 22nd August 1997 Editors: I.L. Cartwright

Volume 20. Mechanisms of Cell Toxicity

Published: 15th April 1997 Editors: J.K. Chipman

Volume 19. Thermobiology

Published: 15th April 1997 Editors: J.S. Willis

Volume 18. The Platelet

Published: 18th April 1997 Editors: E.G. Lapetina

Volume 17. Protein Targeting to Mitochondria

Published: 24th February 1997 Editors: F.U. Hartl

Volume 16. Cell Adhesion

Published: 24th February 1997 Editors: D.R. Colman

Volume 15. Biochemical Technology, Part A

Published: 6th May 1997 Editors: L. Bulow B. Danielsson

Volume 14. Physiological Functions of Cytochrome P450 in Relation to Structure and Regulation

Published: 9th December 1996 Editors: C.R. Jefcoate

Volume 13. Cell Cycle

Published: 20th March 1996 Editors: Michael Whitaker

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Volume 6. Extracellular Matrix

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Volume 1. Advances in Cell Biology

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