Series: Advances in Mining Science and Technology

<EM>Advances in Mining Science and Technology </EM>will be of interest to a broad range of specialists working in the mining industry - research workers, designers, computer personnel, system analysts, management personnel at all managerial levels, and also undergraduate as well as graduate students.

Book Series: Electromagnetic Compatibility in Underground Mining

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Volume . Electromagnetic Compatibility in Underground Mining

Published: 4th January 1993 Editor: F. Krasucki Authors: K. Miskiewicz A. Wojaczek S. Fraczek F. Krasucki
Theoretical and technical problems of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in mining are covered in this volume. EMC is discussed in three main groups of problems: sources (generation) of interference, propagation of interference in mining conditions, the influence of interferences on mining devices, particularly electronic devices used in deep coal mines. Propagation of interference and its influence on mining communication and signalling systems as well as on control systems of mining machines are discussed. Attention is paid to the influences of interference on dispatching sytems which give to the dispatcher some information about mining hazards. The book will be of interest to mining and electrical engineers.

Additional volumes

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