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Volume . Concise Encyclopedia of Magnetic and Superconducting Materials

Published: 28th December 2005 Editor: K.H.J. Buschow
Selected articles.

AC applications of superconducting materials. AC losses in superconducting materials. Amorphous superconductors. Anisotropy in magnetic materials. Anisotropy in superconducting materials. Biomagnetic measurements. Chevrel phases. Coercivity and domain wall pinning. Coherence length, proximity effect and fluctuations. Design with magnetic materials. Design with magnetic materials: computer simulation. Domains and domain walls. Ferrites, hard. Fluids, magnetic. Flux creep phenomena. Flux pinning and the summation of pinning forces. Granular superconductors. High-frequency impedance of superconducting materials. High-frequency properties of magnetic materials. Josephson effects in weak links. Magnetic energy storage. Magnetic properties of superconductors. Magnetic separation. Magnetic storage media. Magnetic units and material specification. Magnetization imaging. Magnetocaloric effect. Magnetoelastic phenomena. Magnetooptic materials. Magnetooptic storage media. Millimeter-wave detection. Multifilamentary superconducting composites. Nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials. Niobium-titanium alloys. Nonequilibrium superconductivity. Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. Optical properties of superconductors. Organic and molecular ferromagnets. Oxide glasses as magnetic materials. Oxide superconductors: ceramic processing. Oxide superconductors: physical properties. Oxide superconductors: thin-film deposition. Power loss in magnetic materials. Radiation effects on magnetic materials. Radiation effects on superconducting materials. Superconducting magnets. Superconducting materials: BCS and phenomenological theories. Thin films and multilayers, magnetic.

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