Series: Advances in International Management

Advances in International Management (AIM)is an Elsevier/JAI research series devoted to advancing the cross-border study of organizations and management practices from a global, regional, or comparative perspective, with emphasis on interdisciplinary inquiry that integrates ideas from multiple academic disciplines. It publishes conceptual and empirical papers that deal with international topics from any area within the management field, including strategy, organization theory and behavior, human resource management, business ethics, entrepreneurship, technology management, and others. The organizations studied can be domestic or multinational, and the level of analysis can be macro or micro. To be accepted for publication, a paper must make a significant contribution to advancing knowledge about international management through some combination of new theoretical insights, managerial application, methodology, or data. AIM has a particular interest in publishing the following types of manuscripts: (1) Comprehensive, state-of-the-art literature reviews that integrate diverse research streams and identify promising directions for future investigations. (2) Analytical essays that offer new conceptual models or theoretical perspectives and use those frameworks as a foundation for developing research propositions. (3) Empirical articles that report results from exploratory or hypothesis-testing studies based on quantitative and/or qualitative methodologies. (4) Methodological papers that refine existing methodologies or develop new ones for investigating particular issues or topics central to international management research.

Most recent volume

Volume 21. The Global Diffusion of Human Resource Practices: Institutional and Cultural Limits

Published: 5th June 2008 Editors: Gregory S. Hundley John J. Lawler

Additional volumes

Volume 20. Product and Market Development For Subsistence Marketplaces

Published: 29th June 2007 Editors: Madhubalan Viswanathan José Antonio Rosa

Volume 19. The Global Mindset

Published: 7th June 2007 Editors: Richard Steers Mansour Javidan Michael Hitt

Volume 18. Managing Multinational Teams

Published: 28th June 2005 Editors: Joseph Cheng Mary Ann Von Glinow Debra Shapiro

Volume 17. Japanese Firms in Transition

Published: 14th December 2004 Editors: Tom Roehl Allan Bird

Volume 16. Theories of the Multinational Enterprise

Published: 11th August 2004 Editors: Joseph Cheng Michael Hitt

Volume 15. Managing Multinationals in a Knowledge Economy

Published: 16th December 2003 Editors: Michael Hitt Joseph Cheng

Volume 14. Managing Transnational Firms

Published: 16th August 2002 Editors: Michael Hitt Joseph Cheng

Volume 13. Advances in International Comparative Management

Published: 20th December 2000 Editors: Joseph L.C. Cheng R.B. Peterson

Volume 12. Advances in International Comparative Management

Published: 2nd August 1998 Editors: Joseph L.C. Cheng R.B. Peterson