Series: Advances in Industrial Engineering

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Volume . Analytical Design Techniques

Published: 16th May 1995 Editors: T.A. Stolarski
The objective of this volume is to provide the student with a number of the most important analytical techniques necessary in engineering design. Students completing a course of study based on this book should have proper understanding of the principles involved and be able to use the techniques in solving practical engineering problems. The book, written by an engineer, is intended primarily for those interested in the utilisation of analytical methods in design. The mathematical treatment is tailored to the level of an undergraduate university course. The emphasis is on the application of analytical methods rather than the mathematical concepts underlying these methods. The book advocates and, where possible, demonstrates the use of computers in cases requiring long, laborious solution procedures. The book can be most effectively used in conjunction with projects and exercises that require the use of the techniques presented. Although intended primarily for students, the book will also be useful for many practising engineers.

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