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Volume 9. De-interlacing

Published: 2nd October 2000 Authors: E.B. Bellers G. de Haan
'To interlace or not to interlace' is a hot issue currently. Traditionally interlace has been part of the video standard as it reduces the transmission and display demands, while hardly affecting the perceived quality of the pictures.

With the current explosion of new video formats due to emerging technologies as multimedia PC's, videotelephony and flat matrix display the question whether or not interlace is a relict from the past is more relevant than ever.

This book provides a broad overview of advanced motion estimation and de-interlacing techniques to enable a profound scientific basis for answering the above question. An extensive evaluation of the algorithms, including many screen photographs is an imt part of the book. But also system questions, such as whether interlace is a good choice in combination with modern video compression methods (MPEG), and which currently would be the optional choice for a display format are extensively treated.

The combination of scientific profoundness and completions, with the focus on practical hot issues, makes the book unique in its kind.

Additional volumes

Volume 8. Image and Video Databases: Restoration, Watermarking and Retrieval

Published: 14th June 2000 Authors: A. Hanjalic G.C. Langelaar P.M.B. van Roosmalen J. Biemond R.L. Lagendijk

Volume 7. Advanced Video Coding: Principles and Techniques

Published: 31st August 1999 Authors: K.N. Ngan T. Meier D. Chai

Volume 6. Subband Compression of Images: Principles and Examples

Published: 18th July 1995 Authors: T.A. Ramstad S.O. Aase J.H. Husøy

Volume 5. Wavelets in Image Communication

Published: 24th November 1994 Editor: M. Barlaud

Volume 3. Digital Moving Pictures - Coding and Transmission on ATM Networks

Published: 22nd August 1994 Author: J.-P. Leduc

Volume 2. VLSI Implementations for Image Communications

Published: 27th September 1993 Editor: P. Pirsch

Volume 1. Three-Dimensional Object Recognition Systems

Published: 5th May 1993 Editors: Anil Jain P.J. Flynn