Series: Advances in Human Factors/Ergonomics

Most recent volume

Volume 21. Design of Computing Systems

Published: 23rd September 1997 Editors: M.J Smith R.J. Koubek G. Salvendy
A total of 2,183 individuals from industry, academia, research institutes, and governmental agencies from 43 countries submitted their work for presentation at the 7th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction held in San Francisco, in August 1997. Only those submittals which were judged to be of high scientific quality were included in the program. These two volumes contain papers addressing the latest research and application in the human aspects of design and use of computing systems.

Features of these volumes:

• Papers thoroughly cover the entire field of human-computer interaction, including the cognitive, social, ergonomic, and health aspects of work with computers.

• Major advances in knowledge and effective use of computers are addressed in a variety of diversified application areas, including offices, financial institutions, manufacturing, electronic publishing, construction, and health care.

Additional volumes

Volume 20A. Symbiosis of Human and Artifact

Published: 4th July 1995 Editors: Y. Anzai K. Ogawa H. Mori

Volume 19. Human-Computer Interaction

Published: 6th September 1993 Editors: M. Smith G. Salvendy

Psychology of System Design

Published: 17th June 1991 Editors: D. Meister

Connective Networks in Ergonomics

Published: 29th April 1991 Editors: E.A. Franus

Human Factors in Product Design

Published: 5th March 1991 Editors: W.H. Cushman D.J. Rosenberg

Work Space, Equipment and Tool Design

Published: 5th March 1991 Editors: A. Mital W. Karwowski

Volume 13. Designing User Interfaces for International Use

Published: 30th May 1990 Editors: J. Nielsen

Designing and Using Human-Computer Interfaces and Knowledge Based Systems

Published: 7th September 1989 Editors: M.J. Smith G. Salvendy

Work With Computers: Organizational, Management, Stress and Health Aspects

Published: 1st January 1989 Editors: M.J. Smith G. Salvendy

Occupational Safety and Accident Prevention

Published: 1st July 1988 Editors: C.G. Hoyos B.M. Zimolong

Human Factors Research: Methods and Applications for Architects and Interior Designers

Published: 1st February 1987 Editors: J.E. Harrigan

Human Reliability

Published: 1st January 1987 Editors: K.S. Park

Applications of Fuzzy Set Theory in Human Factors

Published: 1st December 1986 Editors: W. Karwowski A. Mital

Human Aspects of Occupational Vibration

Published: 1st December 1986 Editors: D.E. Wasserman

Human Factors Testing and Evaluation

Published: 1st October 1986 Editors: D. Meister

Engineering Physiology

Published: 1st January 1986 Editors: K.H.E. Kroemer H.J. Kroemer K.E. Kroemer-Elbert

Human-Computer Dialogue Design

Published: 1st December 1985 Editors: R.W. Ehrich R.C. Williges

Human-Computer Interaction

Published: 1st January 1984 Editors: G. Salvendy