Series: Advances in Gas Phase Ion Chemistry

Advances in Gas Phase Ion Chemistry is different from other ion chemistry series in that it focuses on reviews of the author's own work rather than giving a general review of the research area. This allows for presentation of some current work in a timely fashion which marks the unique nature of this series. Emphasis is placed on gas phase ion chemistry in its broadest sense to include ion neutral, ion electron, and ion-ion reactions. These reaction processes span the various disciplines of chemistry and include some of those in physics. Within this scope, both experimental and theoretical contributions are included which deal with a wide variety of areas ranging from fundamental interactions to applications in real media such as interstellar gas clouds and plasmas used in the etching of semiconductors. The authors are scientists who are leaders in their fields and the series will therefore provide an up-to-date analysis of topics of current importance. This series is suitable for researchers and graduate students working in ion chemistry and related fields and will be an invaluable reference for years to come. The contributions to the series embody the wealth of molecular information that can be obtained by studying chemical reactions between ions, electrons and neutrals in the gas phase.
Book Series: Advances in Gas Phase Ion Chemistry

Most recent volume

Volume 4. Advances in Gas Phase Ion Chemistry

Published: 21st December 2001 Authors: L.M. Babcock N.G. Adams
Gas phase ion chemistry is a broad field that has many applications and which encompasses various branches of chemistry and physics. Advances in Gas Phase Ion Chemistry, Volume 4, describes innovative ways of studying reactions as well as the application of unique apparatuses to problems in this field. This volume contains a series of chapters, in the general area of gas phase chemistry and physics, which are at the cutting edge of research.
The chapters are not meant to be general reviews, but focus on the author's own work. They focus on both experimental and theoretical work, which gives a balance to the volume. Applications are included to appeal to a wider audience and to broaden the knowledge of the more fundamentally inclined. An application to environmental pollution monitoring and medical monitoring of breath is included. With successive volumes, the coverage broadens to include more current research in the title area.
The book is aimed at graduate researchers, university faculty and graduates in industry. The editors have made a specific effort to include contributions from those relatively new to the field, which brings in new ideas and perspectives, as well as those more established workers, who bring a wealth of experience.

Additional volumes

Volume 3. Advances in Gas Phase Ion Chemistry

Published: 23rd April 1998 Authors: N.G. Adams L.M. Babcock

Volume 2. Advances in Gas Phase Ion Chemistry

Published: 14th May 1996 Series Editors: Nigel Adams Lucia Babcock