Series: Advances in Fuel Cells

Background Rapid advances in fuel cell system development have led to information being scattered across many journals and numerous internet sites. To be truly useful to both present and future workers in the field, this prodigious outpouring of new information needs to be brought together, deposited in one central resource and conveyed from a more global perspective. The establishment of this new book series will answer the need and provide the forum. Aims and Scope Advances in Fuel Cells intends to fill the information gap between regularly scheduled journals and university level textbooks by providing in-depth coverage over a broader scope than in journals or texts. Contributions by leading experts working in both academic and industrial R&D, will serve as a central source of reference for the fundamentals and applications of fuel cells, establishing the state of the art, disseminating the latest research discoveries, and providing potential textbooks to senior undergraduate and graduate students. Propose your Book Do you have an idea for a book in fuel cell sciences? Are you looking for a publisher? Here are just a few of the benefits of publishing with Elsevier. * A personal approach with dedicated editorial, marketing and sales support * Extensive Author Services - Manuscript Typesetting - 24 hour Author Helpdesk - Language Editing Services * Rapid publication * Worldwide promotion and distribution * 30% discount on all Elsevier books Advances in Fuel Cells will publish books on all aspects of the science, engineering, and manufacturing of fuel cells of all types. The series is intended to provide state-of-the-art expositions of the major advances across the spectrum, from the fundamental aspects of scientific enquiry to the practical aspects of applications. If you have an idea for a book suitable for publication in Advances in Fuel Cells then please contact the Editor-in-Chief or the Elsevier Publishing Editor.
Book Series: Advances in Fuel Cells

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Volume 1. Advances in Fuel Cells

Published: 27th February 2007 Series Volume Editors: K.-D. Kreuer Trung Van Nguyen Series Editor: Tim Zhao

Fuel cells have been recognized to be destined to form the cornerstone of energy technologies in the twenty-first century. The rapid advances in fuel cell system development have left current information available only in scattered journals and Internet sites.

Advances in Fuel Cells fills the information gap between regularly scheduled journals and university level textbooks by providing in-depth coverage over a broad scope.

The present volume provides informative chapters on thermodynamic performance of fuel cells, macroscopic modeling of polymer-electrolyte membranes, the prospects for phosphonated polymers as proton-exchange fuel cell membranes, polymer electrolyte membranes for direct methanol fuel cells, materials for state of the art PEM fuel cells, and their suitability for operation above 100°C, analytical modelling of direct methanol fuel cells, and methanol reforming processes.