Series: Advances in Education

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Volume . The International Encyclopedia of Curriculum

Published: 10th April 1991 Editors: A. Lewy
The International Encyclopedia of Curriculum is a unique collection of analytical and empirical studies on curriculum-related issues. Its 280 articles, authored by experts from 22 countries, are grouped in two sections. The first, Curriculum as a Domain of Enquiry, contains articles dealing with general topics in this field. The second, Specific Study Areas, contains articles on more than 120 subjects currently taught in schools. It is the first attempt to provide in a single volume a comprehensive review of approaches and problems related to teaching traditional school subjects such as mathematics, history, and classical languages, as well as the innovative ones such as film studies, women's studies, communication skills, set theory in mathematics and energy education. The book is an invaluable tool for educationists, educational administrators, supervisors, researchers, policy makers and curriculum planners, and a source of information and inspiration for teachers and school-level curriculum co-ordinators.

Additional volumes

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