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Volume . The Encyclopedia of Human Development and Education

Published: 29th March 1990 Editor: R.M. Thomas
Section headings: Preface. Background Issues. General Theories of Human Development: (a) Secular Theories. (b) Theories Embedded in Religious Traditions. Stages and Rates of Development: (a) Definitions of Stage and Rate. (b) Seven Stages of Life. Intellectual Development: (a) Mental Development in General. (b) Learning Processes. (c) Varieties of Intellectual Development. Psycho-Physical Development: (a) Influences on Psycho-Phsycial Development. (b) Developing Vision and Hearing. (c) Special Issues in Physical Development. Social and Cultural Interactions with Development: (a) Socialization and Acculturation. (b) Prosocial and Antisocial Behavior. (c) Factors affecting Socialization. Contributors index. Name index. Subject index.

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