Series: Advances in Cycloaddition

The methodology of cycloaddition has many applications in the field of synthetic organic chemistry. This series surveys recent developments continuing at the forefront of this exciting field, and disseminates new advances and novel applications of this technique.
Book Series: Advances in Cycloaddition

Most recent volume

Volume 6. Advances in Cycloaddition

Published: 21st January 2000 Editor: Michael Harmata
This volume presents work from six different groups working on various aspects of cycloaddition chemistry. José Mascareñas gives us a very interesting account of the chemistry of &Bgr;-alkoxy-&ggr;-pyrones and related species. Al Padwa and Chris Staub discuss further advances in rhodium carbenoid chemistry and the unusual cycloaddition processes possible with these intermediates. Higher order cycloadditions mediated by transition metals highlight Jim Rigby's update on his group's efforts in this area. Lily Lee and John Snyder present us with a detailed account of the indole ring as a dienophile, challenging us to consider the untapped potential in this area. Brian Keay and Ian Hunt discuss the intramolecular Diels-Alder reactions of furan; a report that is both top-notch science, and what could be a great learning tool for students who need to see how fundamental chemical principles can and should be applied to synthetic problems. Finally, Kay Brummond introduces us to a new version of the Pauson-Khand reactions, one that will no doubt be further exploited in productive ways by her group well into the future.

Additional volumes

Volume 5. Advances in Cycloaddition

Published: 18th March 1999 Editor: Michael Harmata

Volume 4. Advances in Cycloaddition

Published: 8th March 1997 Author: Michael Harmata