Series: Advances in Cellular and Molecular Biology of Membranes and Organelles

This series includes volumes that are centered on important themes in Cell Biology of eukaryotes and prokaryotes. The emphasis is on fundamental aspects of cellular organization with particular attention to issues of biogenesis, localization and turnover of organelles and their component parts. As in much of contemporary Cell Biology, this material includes many experimental approaches, ranging from genetics to molecular biology, biochemistry and cytology. Recent volumes have concerned protein translocation across membranes, endosomes, membrane traffic in protozoa, phagocytosis, and signal transduction through growth factor receptors.

Book Series: Phagocytosis: Microbial Invasion

Most recent volume

Volume 6. Phagocytosis: Microbial Invasion

Published: 27th January 2000 Editor: S. Gordon
The present volume focuses on microbial invasion strategies of pathogen uptake. An accompanying volume (Vol. 5) in the series presents the phagocytic process from the viewpiont of the host cell.
This field of study is growing rapidly after a somewhat slow start over recent decades. This collection of invited chapters attempts to reflect current research and brings together cell biologists, microbiologists, and immunologists wiht disthemes, hopefully like a symphony rather than a boring catalogue. It will be evident that editorial bias favors intracellular parasitism and medically important organisms. The neutrophil is far more than a supporting player to the macrophage and some attempt is made to remind the reader of some of its unique skills. To retain a manageable size, the emphasis is on relatively early events such as mutual recognition, cell entry, and response, rather than on longterm changes in gene expression by either host cell or pahtogen. Viruses are excluded not because of lack of importance but because of somewhat different research approaches, although it is becoming increasingly clear that large viruses (e.g. Vaccinia) and Listeria monocytogenes, share common strategies in invasion and intercellular spread.

Additional volumes

Volume 5. Phagocytosis: The Host

Published: 22nd November 1999 Editor: S. Gordon

Volume 4. Protein Export and Membrane Biogenesis

Published: 31st August 1995 Author: R.E. Dalbey

Volume 2. Membrane Traffic in Protozoa, Part A

Published: 1st February 1994 Editor: H. Plattner

Volume 1. Endosomes and Lysosomes: A Dynamic Relationship

Published: 1st June 1993 Editors: B. Storrie R.F. Murphy