Body Language and the First Line Manager - 1st Edition

Body Language and the First Line Manager

1st Edition

Authors: Eunice Lawton
Imprint: Chandos Publishing
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Body language can account for 70% of the message people give out. Aimed at first line management, this book examines basic body language, the impact that body language can have at work, and how we need to ensure that we are giving out the right non-verbal messages in different management situations. Practical tips are provided on how to improve communication and interaction through the use of appropriate body language.

Key Features

  • Aids self development, image and the understanding of others
  • Improves performance at work


First line managers

Table of Contents

Introduction; The importance of non-verbal communication; First impressions; Your image at work; Achieving assertiveness; Raising your profile; Body language basics v Building rapport; Meeting and greeting people; Presentation skills; Team meetings and briefings; Attending meetings; Gaining cooperation; Staff appraisal; Negotiating skills; Attending interviews; Other cultures; Putting non-verbal communication into practice.


Chandos Publishing
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About the Author

Eunice Lawton

Eunice Lawton is an experienced and qualified manager and teacher. She has worked in the public, private and voluntary sector. Currently she delivers a variety of leadership and management courses.