Birth Centres

1st Edition

A Social Model for Maternity Care


  • Mavis Kirkham
    • Print ISBN 9780750654975


    Contributions will include an interview with Suzanne de Bearn of St Theresa's Maternity Home in France – the only independent birth center in France. There will also be contributions from North America, Australia and Europe/Scandinavia – making this a truly international publication.

    Birth Centres are midwifery's answer to the increasing medicalisation of maternity care. The aim is to provide a safe but more home-like environment for birth, outside of the hospital/doctor interventionist model. The Edgeware Birth Centre is one of the most famous and a report from this center will be included in the book.

    Key Features

    • The first comprehensive text on birth centers, with contributions from experts worldwide.
    • Gathers together all the available research data, providing an essential resource for all midwifery students and practitioners.
    • An easily accessible source of information on how to implement low technology/high social support models of maternity care.

    Table of Contents

    Foreword: Baroness Cumberlege
    Introduction: Mavis Kirkham
    Section 1: Birth Centres in the UK
    Chapter 1 – Birth Centres in the UK (Julie Hall)
    Chapter 2 – Setting up a Birth Centre (Helen Shallow)
    Chapter 3 – The Wiltshire Model (Rick Porter and/or Vicky Tinsley)
    Chapter 4 – Grantham's Midwife Managed Unit (Diane Fraser, Kim Watts, Fehmidah Munir)
    Chapter 5 – Crowborough (Richard Hallett)
    Section 2: The Edgeware Birth Centre
    Chapter 6 – Consumers in the driving seat: a public health perspective (Ellizabeth Manero, Linda Turner, Stephen Farrow)
    Chapter 7 – From concept to the Working Model (Olive Jones, Jane Walker)
    Chapter 8 – Trusts in Partnership (John Spencer, Susan Dolman)
    Chapter 9 – A GPs Perspective (Jean Beney)
    Chapter 10 – Evaluation of the Edgeware Birth Centre (Jean Chapple, Dawn Saunders, Mary Boulton)
    Chapter 11 – The Economic Implications (Julie Ratcliffe)
    Chapter 12 – Midwifery Assistants (Jane Walker)
    Section 3 – Birth Centres in the Wider World
    Chapter 13 – The New Zealand Experience (Sally Pairman, Karen Guilliland)
    Chapter 14 – RCT of Birth Centre Care in Stockholm (Ulla Waldenstrom)
    Chapter 15 – Birth Centres in Australia (Kate Griew and Jen Byrne)
    Chapter 16 – Birth Centres in Germany (Monika Selow/Elisabeth Groh)
    Chapter 17 – Birth Centres in Austria (Beate Elvira Pfeifenberger-Lamprecht)
    Chapter 18 – An interview with Suzanne de Bearn of Saint Therese Maternity Home, France
    Chapter 19 – Birth Centres in Italy (Verene Schmid)
    Chapter 20 – Birth Centres in North America (Linda Arnold, Angela Frans)
    Section 4 – The Way Forward (Mavis Kirkham)


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    About the author

    Mavis Kirkham

    Mavis Kirkham is currently Professor of Midwifery at the University of Sheffield. She has been a clinical midwife for twenty years and has many years of experience of midwifery education.