Birth and Parenting Skills

1st Edition

New Directions in Antenatal Education


  • Mary Nolan
  • Julie Foster
    • Print ISBN 9780443074745

    Key Features

    • Demonstrates the potential for antenatal education to make a positive impact on women's experience of birth
    • Points the way to accessing new sources of funding for antenatal classes
    • Illustrates new teaching strategies with the aim of accessing groups of parents currently not involved with antenatal education
    • Aims to show how antenatal education can be a central, rather than peripheral part of the holistic care provided to pregnant women and their families

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Childbirth and Parenting Education: what the research says and why we may ignore it

    Chapter 2 : Context and Purpose: learning styles and principles of adult education

    Chapter 3: Why Education for Birth is Important

    Chapter 4: Birthing and Parenting Education for Men

    Chapter 5: Are Midwives Empowered Enough to Offer Empowering Education?

    Chapter 6: Innovative Practice in Birth Education: Birmingham Women's Hospital Bith Ideas Workshop 000

    Chapter 7: Best Practice in Antenatal Education

    Improving services for women of South Asian heritage

    Parent education classes for South Asian Women: SAMPAD

    The Albany Practice, South East London: antenatal and postnatal groups

    The Bellevue Project: local classes for local women

    4U Teenage Pregnancy Group

    Blackburn Teenage Mothers' Group

    The Cafe Class (National Childbirth Trust)

    Chapter 8 : Education for Birth and Parenting: where next?



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    About the authors

    Mary Nolan

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Antenatal Teacher/Senior Tutor, The National Childbirth Trust, London, UK

    Julie Foster

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Parent Education Coordinator, Birmingham Women's Health Care NHS Trust, UK