Biotechnology Entrepreneurship

1st Edition

Starting, Managing, and Leading Biotech Companies

Editors: Craig Shimasaki
Hardcover ISBN: 9780124047303
eBook ISBN: 9780124047471
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 28th April 2014
Page Count: 488
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As an authoritative guide to biotechnology enterprise and entrepreneurship, Biotechnology Entrepreneurship and Management supports the international community in training the biotechnology leaders of tomorrow.

Outlining fundamental concepts vital to graduate students and practitioners entering the biotech industry in management or in any entrepreneurial capacity, Biotechnology Entrepreneurship and Management provides tested strategies and hard-won lessons from a leading board of educators and practitioners.

It provides a ‘how-to’ for individuals training at any level for the biotech industry, from macro to micro. Coverage ranges from the initial challenge of translating a technology idea into a working business case, through securing angel investment, and in managing all aspects of the result: business valuation, business development, partnering, biological manufacturing, FDA approvals and regulatory requirements.

An engaging and user-friendly style is complemented by diverse diagrams, graphics and business flow charts with decision trees to support effective management and decision making.

Key Features

  • Provides tested strategies and lessons in an engaging and user-friendly style supplemented by tailored pedagogy, training tips and overview sidebars
  • Case studies are interspersed throughout each chapter to support key concepts and best practices.
  • Enhanced by use of numerous detailed graphics, tables and flow charts


For grad students studying or interested in the translation of medical / life science research into applied products, commercialization of those technologies, and development of early stage companies. Associated professionals interested in business of biotech, or tangent issues of entrepreneurship and leadership.

Table of Contents

  • Dedication
  • Preface
  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgements
  • <li>Section I. Biotechnology Entrepreneurship<ul><li>Chapter 1. Unleashing the Promise of Biotechnology to Help Heal, Fuel, and Feed the World<ul><li>Health Biotechnology: Helping to Save and Extend Lives</li><li>Food and Agricultural Biotechnology: Helping to Feed the World</li><li>Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology: A Better Way to Make Things</li><li>The Public Policy Environment for Biotech Innovation</li></ul></li><li>Chapter 2. A Biotechnology Entrepreneur&#x2019;s Story: Advice to Future Entrepreneurs<ul><li>Path to Entrepreneurship</li><li>Risks of Joining a Biotechnology Company</li><li>Genzyme in the Early Days</li><li>The Importance of Understanding Business and Finance</li><li>Raising Capital</li><li>Managing the Uncertainty of Biotechnology</li><li>Core Values</li><li>Integrating the Science and Business</li><li>The Value of a Business Background and Experience</li><li>Driven from Within</li><li>In Touch with Events Outside the Company</li><li>Good Fortune and Success</li><li>Closing Advice</li></ul></li><li>Chapter 3. The Biotechnology Industry: An Engine of Innovation<ul><li>The Birth of an Industry</li><li>The Industry Takes Root</li><li>The Industry Today</li><li>The Challenge of Drug Development</li><li>Falling R&amp;D Productivity</li><li>The Consistent Challenge</li><li>Howdy Partner</li><li>The End of the Blockbuster Era</li><li>The Times they are a Changing</li><li>Mapping the Human Genome</li><li>An Evolving Vision</li><li>Changing Economics</li><li>A Greater Promise</li><li>Investing in Innovation</li><li>Partnerships of Convenience</li><li>Promoting Technology Transfer</li><li>Not Just About Drugs</li><li>Everything Old is New Again</li><li>The Challenge of Scale</li><li>Improving Yields</li><li>The Challenge Today</li><li>The Moment is Now</li><li>Value is Transient</li><li>Value is Geographic Dependent</li><li>Value to


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About the Editor

Craig Shimasaki

Dr. Craig Shimasaki is a scientist, businessperson, and serial entrepreneur, with over 30 years of biotechnology industry experience starting his career at Genentech. He co-founded four companies and also teaches biotechnology entrepreneurship at the University of Oklahoma. His desire is to teach and train future entrepreneurial leaders how to be successful.

Affiliations and Expertise

CEO, BioSource Consulting Group, Oklahoma City, OK, USA