Biotechnology is in many aspects shaping our life and affecting our means of production, and job creation. Progress in the applications of biotechnology depends on a wide base of basic as well as applied sciences. The output of biotechnology has already proved itself in many diverse fields from health to biomining and from agriculture to enzyme “breeding”. It is therefore difficult to follow all the current as well as the potential applications of biotechnology.
The objectives of the Biotechnology Annual Review series is to attempt to provide readers with the needed indepth knowledge, in the form of chapters, by reviewing specific topics in biotechnology in each issue. The philosophy behind this series is to encourage good reviews to make it easier for readers to keep in touch with progress and applications of biotechnology. We also encourage reviewing topics that are related to regulatory affairs, social impact of biotechnology, biodiversity, biosafety, public acceptance and patent issues.

Table of Contents

Preface. Editorial Board. List of contributors. Cold adapted enzymes (A.O. Smalås, H.-K. Schrøder Leiros, V. Os, N.P. Willassen). Biotechnological applications of plant freezing associated proteins (G. Breton, J. Danyluk, F. Ouellet, F. Sarhan). Telomerase, Immortality and Cancer (G. Krupp, G. Bonatz, R. Parwaresch). Molecular Diagnostics of Infectious Diseases: State of the Technology (S.A. Sakallah). Combined Chemical-Biological Treatment of Wastewater Containing Refractory Pollutants (M. Jeworski, E.Heinzle). Biodegradation of Nitroaromatic Pollutants:from Pathways to Remediation (C.M. Peres, S.N. Agathos). Prevention of marine biofouling using natural compounds from marine organisms (E. Armstrong, K.G. Boyd, J.G. Burgess). Index of authors. Keyword index


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