Progress in the applications of biotechnology depends on a wide base of basic as well as applied sciences. The output of biotechnology has already proved itself in many different fields, from health to biomining, and from agriculture to enzyme "breeding".
The objectives of the Biotechnology Annual Review series is to provide readers with the needed in-depth knowledge by reviewing specific topics in each volume. In this way, it is easier for scientists to keep in touch with progress and applications in biotechnology.
Up-to-date topics are reviewed that are related to regulatory affairs, social impact, biodiversity and patent issues, as well as production and technology.

Table of Contents

1. Fuzzy control of bioprocess in Japan (Hiroyuki Honda, Takeshi Kobayashi). 2. Rapid in silico cloning of genes using Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) (Robert W. Gill, Philippe Sanseau). 3. Functional genomics with protein-protein interactions (Fritz Rudert, Liming Ge, Leodevico L. Ilag). 4. Biotechnical use of polymerase chain reactions for microbiological analysis of biological samples (P.G. Lantz, W.A. Al-Soud, R. Knutsson, B. Hahn-Hägerdal, Peter Radström). 5. Transcription of the insecticidal protein genes of Bacillus thuringiensis (Tohru Komano). 6. Synthetic oligonucleotides as therapeutics -- the coming of age (David D.F. Ma, T. Rede, N.A. Naqvi, P.D. Cook). 7. Eukaryotic gene transfer with liposomes: Effect of differences in lipid structure (Pavel L. Katsel, R.J. Greenstein). 8. Nonclinical safety evaluation of biotechnologically-derived pharmaceuticals (Maggie Dempster). 9. Clinical research strategies in biotechnology (Martha Vincent-Gattis, Dr. Colin Webb and Dr. MaryAnn Foote). 10. Transgenic farm animals: Applications in agriculture and biomedicine (Jerry Yang, X.C. Tian, Y. Dai, and B. Wang).


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