Volume 4. Biosensors: A Chinese Perspective

1st Edition


  • Reinhard Renneberg
  • A.P.F. Turner
    • Print ISBN 9780762300730

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    In this second volume of a sub-series dedicated to regional activities, eminent authorities form China in the field of biosensors provide an up-to-date overview of their laboratory's contribution, summarizing the primary research as it has appeared, possibly scattered, in the journal and conference literature and reflecting on their findings. This produces an innovative synthesis of such smaller research efforts into an overall perspective on the topic, which is difficult for the reader to glean from the multifarious original publications often available only in Chinese. There is latitude for the inclusion of detail that may have been excised from the original publication and for speculation on future possibilities. The net result is intense, yet highly readable accounts of the state of the art at this leading edge of analytical technology in this key region of the world.
    This is the first book in the English language summarizing biosensor and bioelectronics efforts in China.


    For researchers who require a summary of the most recent advances in this area.

    Table of Contents

    Acknowledgements. Preface (A.P.F Turner, R. Renneberg). Amperometric enzyme electrodes based on chemically modified electrodes (S. Dong, Q. Deng). Electrochemical biosensors based on chemically modified electrodes (L. Jin et al.). Aspects of the development of tissue and immunosensors (G-L. Shen et al.). Electrochemical enzyme, tissue, and microbial biosensors (J. Deng). Optical chemical sensors and biosensors (Z. Zhang, M. Feng). Surface plasmon resonance biosensors based on biofunctionalized interfaces (S. Sui et al.). Olfactory and taste biosensor system (W. Ping et al.). Kinetic studies of ligand-dna interactions using an evanescent-wave biosensor (M. Yang et al.). Recent developments of biosensors (X-E. Zhang). Rapid measurement of biodegradable substances in water using novel microbial sensors (R. Renneberg et al.). Application of biosensors for diagnostic analysis and bioprocess monitoring (G.X. Li, J.G. Liu). Novel immunosensors for rapid diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction: a case report (R. Renneberg et al.). The development of thick-and thin-film-based microbiosensors (Z-R. Zhang et al.). Biosensors and their application in the people's republic of China (F. Derong). SenTest™ from single carbon enzyme electrode to mass production of biostrips (J. Hu, B. Ge). Index.


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