Proceedings of the Second International Bioclimatological Congress Held at the Royal Society of Medicine, London, 4–10 Sept. 1960, Organized by The International Society of Biometeorology

1st Edition - January 1, 1962

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  • Editor: S. W. Tromp
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483164540

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Biometeorology is based on the proceedings of the Second International Bioclimatological Congress, held at The Royal Society of Medicine, London in September 1960. This book is a collection of selected reports from participating members of The International Society of Biometeorology. The compendium covers a wide range of issues related to the study of the direct and indirect interrelations between the geophysical and geochemical factors of the atmospheric environment and living organisms: plants, animals, and human. The book is divided into four main sections; themes are selected for the congress. The first theme covers topics on high altitude bioclimatology such as the physiological aspects of life at extreme altitudes. The second theme is about tropical bioclimatology or aspects of plant and animal life in tropical climates. The third deals with bioclimatological classifications, which is about the relations between the climate and the distribution of the living species on the Earth. The fourth theme, meteoro-pathological forecasting, discusses the consequences of anticipated meteorological conditions and weather types on living organisms. The text will be of use to biologists, health professionals, zoologists, botanists, agriculturists, sociologists, meteorologists, and ecologists.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    In Memoriam

    Address by the President of I. S. B.

    Members of the Executive Board of I. S. B. B.

    Chairmen and Secretaries of the Permanent Standing Committees of I. S. B. B.

    List of Participants

    A. Official Delegates

    B. Regular Members of the Congress

    1st Session: High Altitude Bioclimatology

    Physiological Aspects of Life at Extreme Altitudes

    Zur Pathologie und Pathogenese der Höhenkrankheit bei Haustieren

    High Altitude as a Stimulus to the Human Body


    2nd Session: Tropical Bioclimatology

    Cutaneous Vascular and Cardiac Responses to Heat

    Adaptation of Domestic Animals to the Tropics

    Plant life and Tropical Climate

    Physiology and Bioclimatological Studies in E. Africa

    Some Aspects of the Temperature Relations of Fiddler Crabs

    Mécanisme de l'Oligurie tropicale

    Cutaneous Vascular Responses to Cold

    Tropical Clothing. A Physiological Appreciation

    Climatic Factors and some Renal Affections in Siam

    General Remarks to the Main Session on Tropical Bioclimatology

    General Climatological Considerations in Relation to Tropical Bioclimatology

    Kreislaufveránderungen in Menschen die aus dem Winter Mitteleuropas in tropisches Klimareisen


    3rd Session: Bioclimatological Classification

    Old and New Principles of Phytobiological Climatic Classification

    Human Aspects of Bioclimatological Classification

    The World Atlas of Epidemic Diseases and its Significance for Bioclimatological Classifications


    4th Session: Meteoro-Pathological Forecasting

    Plant diseases and Pests as influenced by Weather

    Diseases of Livestock as influenced by Weather

    Medical-Meteorological Forecasting: An Application of Fundamental Bioclimatological Concepts


    5th Session: Urban Bioclimatology

    La protection thermique des constructions en pays tropical

    The Effect of Roof construction upon Indoor Temperatures

    Bioclimatic Evaluation Method for Architectural Application

    Direct Solar Radiation on and inside Buildings

    6th Session: Thermoregulation in Animals and Man in Relation to Bioclimatology

    The Influence of Climatic and Textile Factors on the Heat Loss in Drying of Moist Clothing

    The Control and Failure of Sweating in Man

    Natural and Artificial Cold Acclimatization in Man.

    The Cooling Efficiency of Sweat Evaporation

    Umstellungen in den Muskulären Reaktionen des Menschen während Kälteeinwirkung

    Assessment and Alleviation of Environments of High Radiant Temperatures

    Mécanisme physiologique de la tachycardie due à la chaleur

    Effects de l'humidité absolue sur la courbe pondérale du rat blanc

    Influence de l'humidité de l'ambiance sur la température cutanée moyenne

    Aspects of the Body Temperature, and Habitat, of large Animals

    Thermal Stability in the Newly Born

    Die Frigorigraphie in der Tierhaltung

    The effects of Heat on Human Performance

    Variation, over a Period of a Year, in Resting Pulse Rate and Oral Temperature in Young Men (A study of Seasonal Variation in a Temperate Climate)

    The Influence of Clothing on the Cooling Power (Mainly Its Solar Components) Measured by Means of Cylindrical Frigorimeters

    Sleep and Wakefulness in the Arctic under an Irregular Regime

    A Comparison of the Cumulative Discomfort Index (Cum. D. I.) and Cumulative Effective Temperature (Cum. E. T.) as Obtained by Meteorological Data

    Estimation of Daily Water Intake (to replace water loss) from the Cumulative Discomfort Index (Cum. D. I.)

    A Device for Measuring Evaporation from Animal and Human Skin

    Basal Metabolic Rate of "Tropical" Man in a Polar Climate

    Body Temperatures of Heat-Acclimatized Subjects in the Equatorial Tropics

    Miscellaneous Bioclimatological Papers Submitted to the Congress

    General Bioclimatology

    Étude Bioclimatologique du Sénégal et de la Mauritanie

    World Population and Maximum Crop Yield

    Human Bioclimatology

    Der Kurverlauf bei Asthma Bronchiale im Kindesalter während verschiedener Jahreszeiten an der Nordsee

    Biometeorological Analysis of the Frequency and Degree of Asthma Attacks in the Western Part of the Netherlands (Periods 1953—1959)

    Ionization of the Air

    The Sedating Effect of Polarized Air

    On the Influence of Artificial Ionization of the Air on the Oxygen Uptake during Exercise

    Studies on the Effects of Gaseous Ions on the Mammalian Trachea

    On the Mechanisms of the Action of Ionized Air on the Organism

    Physico-Chemical State of the Blood

    Zur Frage des Umwelteinflusses auf den physikalisch-chemischen Zustand des Blutes und die praktische Bedeutung in der Klinik

    Zoological (Entomological) Bioclimatology

    Application of Temperature and Relative Humidity Simulation Techniques to Insect Distribution Problems

    Die Entwicklung der Bienenvölker und die Nektartracht in ihren Beziehungen zur Witterung

    Phytological Bioclimatology

    Principles of Bioclimatic Classification of Cultivated and Wild Plants with regard to Their Water Requirements

    Evapotranspiration potentielle et évaporation sous abri

    Détermination des seuils de résistance aux gelées. Transposition aux conditions naturelles des résultats obtenus au laboratoire

    Über die Methodik von mikrometeorologischen und mikroklimatologischen Messungen in Pflanzenbeständen

    Mikroklimatische Messungen auf Oedlandflachen

    Influence of Air pollution upon the Vegetation in the Upper Silesian Industrial District

    Niederschläge in den Waldbeständen und ihre Radioaktivität

    Agroclimatic Wheat Crop Types in the World

    Des nouveaux essais de lutte contre le gel en Suisse et de quelque revers subis

    The Interaction of the Macro- and Microclimatic Factors Contributing to the Success of Wind Machines for Frost Protection in Southern California

    Injuring Field Crops by Frosts and theoretical Foundation of Control Measures

    Phanometrische Messungen mit Hilfe von γ- und β-Strahlen

    Reports of Chairmen of Specialized Working Groups


    Atmospheric Pollution and Aerobiology

    Effects of Weather and Climate on Farm Animals

    Engineering Bioclimatology

    Importance of Physical Environment in Conditioning the Organism

    Microclimatic Problems in Bioclimatology


    Tropical Bioclimatology

    Subject Index

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  • No. of pages: 718
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1962
  • Published: January 1, 1962
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483164540

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