The transport volumes of the Biomembranes series were initiated with Volumes 125 and 126 of Methods in Enzymology, which covered Transport in Bacteria, Mitochondria, and Chloroplasts. Volumes 156 and 157 continued the theme with ATP-Driven Pumps and Related Transport. Cellular and Subcellular Transport: Eukaryotic (Nonepithelial) Cells was the topic of Volumes 173 and 174. The theme of this volume, as well as of Volume 192, is Cellular and Subcellular Transport: Epithelial Cells.


Biochemists, cell biologists, microbiologists, pharmacologists, biomedical scientists, biophysicists, analytical chemists, and physiologists.

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Gastrointestinal System: Salivary Gland: I. Novak, Salivary Secretion: Studies on Intact Glands in Vivo and in Vitro. K. Haag and H. Knauf, Determination of Short-Circuit Current in Small Tubular Structures via Cable Analysis. B.J. Baum, I.S. Ambudkar, J. Helman, V.J. Horn, J.E. Melvin, L.M. Mertz, and R.J. Turner, Dispersed Salivary Gland Acinar Cell Preparations for use in Studies of Neurorecptor-Couples Secretory Events. Stomach: P.A. Negulescu and T.E. Machen, Intracellular Ion Activities and MembraneTransport in Parietal Cells Measured with Fluorescent Probes. S. Curci and E. Fromter, Electrophysiological Techniques in Analysis of ion Transport across Gastric Mucosa. T. Berglindh, Gastric Glands and Cells: Preparation and in Vitro Methods. D.H. Malinowska, Permeabilizing Parietal Cells. S.J. Hersey, L. Tang, J. Pohl, and M. Miller, Pepsinogen Secretion in Vitro. G. Flemstrom and H. Forssell, HCO3 Secretion: Stomach and Duodenum. W.W. Reenstra and J.G. Forte, Isolation of H+,K+-ATPase-Containing Membranes from the Gastric Oxyntic Cell. B.E. Peerce, Peptic Granules from Stomach. T. Yamada, Isolation and Primary Culture of Endocrine Cells from Canine Gastric Mucosa. Pancreas: C.B. Wollheim, P. Meda, and P.A. Halban, Isolation of Pancreatic Islets and Primary Culture of Intact Microorgans or of Dispersed Islet Cells. C.B. Wollheim, P. Meda, and P.A. Halban, Establishment and Culture of Insulin-Secreting B-Cell Lines. H.P. Meissner, Membrane Potential Measurements in Pancreatic B-Cells with intracellul


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