Biology of Benthic Organisms

Biology of Benthic Organisms

11th European Symposium on Marine Biology, Galway, October 1976

1st Edition - January 1, 1977

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  • Editors: B. F. Keegan, P. J. S. Boaden, P. O. Ceidigh
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483158631

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Biology of Benthic Organisms contains papers presented at the 11th European Symposium on Marine Biology, held at Galway, Ireland in October 1976. The collection contains 63 papers discussing the biological aspects of benthic organisms. The authors, mostly marine biologists, provide articles discussing their studies of marine life from different bodies of water from around the world. Topics on community structures of soft-bottom macrofauna in different parts of the Baltic; studies on anaerobic nitrogen fixation in the sediments of two Scottish sea-lochs; distribution of benthic phyto- and zoocoenoses along a light gradient in a superficial marine cave; and structural features of a North Adriatic benthic community are discussed in detail. Marine biologists, botanists, zoologists, and biologists will find the book invaluable.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword

    Opening Address

    List of Participants

    Previous Symposia

    Daily Variation in Dichelopandalus Bonnieri (Caullery) as a Component of the Epibenthos

    Community Structures of Soft-bottom Macrofauna in Different Parts of the Baltic

    A Drop-trap Investigation of the Abundance of Fish in Very Shallow Water in the Askö Area, Northern Baltic Proper

    Results and Problems of an "Unsuccessful" Benthos Cage Predation Experiment (Western Baltic)

    The Importance of being a 'Littoralf Nauplius

    Physiological Measurements on Estaurine Bivalve Molluscs in the Field

    Variability of Growth Rate of Macoma balthioa (1.) in the Wadden Sea in Relation to Availability of Food

    Studies on Anaerobic Nitrogen Fixation in the Sediments of Two Scottish Sea Lochs

    Production Primaire Saisonniere du Microphytobenthos des Sables Envases en Baie de Concarneau

    Modiolus Modiolus (L.) - An Autecological Study

    Distribution and Maintenance of a Lanice conchilega Association in the Weser Estuary (FRG), with Special Reference to the Suspension-Feeding Behavior of Lanice conchilega

    Le Macrobenthos des Fonds Meubles de la Manche: Distribution Generale et Ecologie

    Colonisation et Distribution Spatiale des Copepodes dans des Lagunes Semi-artificielles

    Recrutement et Succession du Benthos Rocheux Sublittoral

    Annual Macrofauna Production of a Soft-bottom in the Northern Baltic Proper

    Evolution dans les Temps des Peuplements des Sables Envases en Baie de Concarneau (Bretagne)

    Distribution of Benthic Phyto- and Zoocoenoses along a Light Gradient in a Superficial Marine Cave

    Bionomie Benthique du Plateau Continental des Iles Kerguelen. 8. Variations Spatiales et Temporelles dans le Peuplement des Vases a Spicules

    Some Observations on the Relative Abundance of Species in a Benthic Community

    The Polychaete Eulalia viridis (O.F. Müller) as an Element in the Energy Dynamics of Intertidal Mussel Clumps

    A Diving Survey of Strangford Lough: The Benthic Communities and Their Relation to Substrate - A Preliminary Account

    Reproductive Strategies of the Winkle Littorina rudis in Relation to Population Dynamics and Size Structure

    Structural Features of a North Adriatic Benthic Community

    Structure of the Abyssal Macrobenthic Community in the Rockall Trough

    Ecology of the Pogonophore Siboglinum fiordieum Webb in a Shallow-water Fjord Community

    The Re-establishment of an Amphiura filiformis Population in the Inner Part of the German Bight

    An Ecophysiological Approach to the Microdistribution of Meiobenthic Oligochaeta, I, Phallodrilus monospermathecus(Tubificidae) from a Subtropical Beach at Bermuda

    Phosphoglucoisomerase Allele Frequency Data in Mytilus edulis from Irish Coastal Sites: Its Ecological Significance

    An "In Situ" Study of Primary Production and the Metabolism of a Baltic Fuous vesiculosus-Community

    Reproductive Strategy in Two British Species of Alcyonium

    Observations on the Behavior and Distribution of Virgularia mirabilis (Coelenterata: Pennatulacea) in Holyhead Harbor, Anglesey

    Meiobenthic Subcommunity Structure: Spatial vs. Temporal Variability

    Habitat Area and Development of Marine Epibenthic Communities

    Quantitative Survey of Hard-bottom Communities in a Baltic Archipelago

    Aspects of the Ecology of Sargassum muticum (Yendo) Fensholt,in the Solent Region of the British Isles. I. The Growth Cycle and Epiphytes

    The Effect of Depth on Populations of Laminaria hyperborea

    Sublittoral Transects in the Menai Straits and Milford Haven

    Epibenthic Assemblages as Indicators of EnvironmentalConditions

    Recherches sur le Regime Alimentaire et le Comportement Pre'dateur des Decapodes Benthiques de la Pente Continentale de l'Atlantique Nordoriental (Golfe de Gascogne et Maroc)

    Feedback and Structure in Deposit~feeding Marine Benthic Communities

    The Role of Physical and Biological Factors in the Distribution and Stability of Rocky Shore Communities

    Meiofaunal Community Structure and Vertical Distribution: A Comparison of Some Co. Down Beaches

    Etude Comparative de L'Efficacite de Deux Bernes et dfune Suceuse en Fonction de la Nature du Fond

    Organization in Simple Communities: Observations on the Natural History of Hyale nilssoni (Amphipoda) in High Littoral Seaweeds

    Dynamics and Production of Pectinaria koreni in Kiel Bay, West Germany

    The effects of Storms on the Dynamics of Shallow Water Benthic Associations

    Pachycerianthus multiplicatus - Biotope or Biocoenosis

    On the Ecology of a Suspension Feeding Benthic Community: Filter Efficiency and Behavior

    Strategies of Energy Transfer from Marine Macrophytes to Consumer Levels: The Posidonia oceanioa Example

    The Benthic Ecology of Some Shetland Voes

    Predation Pressure and Community Structure of an Intertidal Soft-bottom Fauna

    Zonation in Deep-sea Gastropods: The Importance of Biological Interactions to Rates of Zonation

    Molluscan Colonization of Different Sediments on Submerged Platforms in the Western Baltic Sea

    Epifaunal Ecology of Intertidal Algae

    The Hermit Crab Microbiocoenosis - The Role of Mobile Secondary Hard-bottom Elements in a North Adriatic Benthic Community

    Sub-littoral Community Structure of Oxwich Bay, South Wales in Relation to Sedimentological, Physical Oceanographic and Biological Parameters

    On the Shapes of Passive Suspension Feeders

    The Structure and Seasonal Fluctuations of Phytal Marine Nematode Associations on the Isles of Scilly

    Dissolved Organics in the Nutrition of Benthic Invertebrates

    Studies on the Shallow, Sublittoral Epibenthos of Langstone Harbor, Hampshire, Using Settlement Panels

    Modification of Association and Swarming in North Adriatic Mysidaoea in Relation to Habitat and Interacting Species

    Predator-prey Interactions Between the Crab Pilumnus hirtellus(leach) and the Brittle Star Ophiothrix quinquemaculata on a Mutual Sponge Substrate

    Analysis of Ecological Equivalents among Littoral Fish

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  • No. of pages: 664
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1977
  • Published: January 1, 1977
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483158631

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B. F. Keegan

P. J. S. Boaden

P. O. Ceidigh

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