This is the first book solely devoted to single-molecule biochemistry and molecular biology. Authors were selected on the basis of their contribution to this new and exciting field, and were asked to focus more on the biological problems that can be approached using single-molecule techniques rather than on the techniques per se. It is thought that such techniques will eventually dominate the physical characterization of biologically important macromolecules.

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Editorial: "Single-molecule biochemistry coming of age" (S.H. Leuba, J. Zlatanova). Part I Protein structural dynamics by single-molecule fluorescence polarization (J.N. Forkey, M.E. Quinlan, Y.E. Goldman). Single molecule force spectroscopy in biology using the atomic force microscope (J. Zlatanova, S.M. Lindsay, S.H. Leuba). Mechanical design of proteins studied by single-molecule force spectroscopy and protein engineering (M. Carrion-Vazquez, et al.). The importance of molecular structure and conformation: learning with scanning probe microscopy (B.L. Smith). Twisting and stretching single DNA molecules (T. Strick, J.-F. Allemand, V. Croquette, D. Bensimon). Part II Single molecule measurements of titin elasticity (K. Wang, J.G. Forbes, A.J. Jin). Analysis of single-molecule mechanical recordings: application to actomyosin interactions (A.E. Knight, C. Veigel, C. Chambers, J.E. Molloy). Structural and functional imaging with carbon nanotube AFM probes (J.H. Hafner, C.-L. Cheung, A.T. Woolley, C.M. Lieber).


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S.H. Leuba

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National Cancer Institute Scholar, NIH, National Cancer Institute, Physical Molecular Biology, LRBGE, Building 41, Room B507, 41 Library Drive MSC 5055, Bethesda, MD 20892-5055 USA

J. Zlatanova

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Department Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA