Biogeochemistry of Inland Waters

Biogeochemistry of Inland Waters

1st Edition - May 17, 2010

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  • Editor: Gene E. Likens
  • Paperback ISBN: 9780128102244
  • eBook ISBN: 9780123819970

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A derivative of the Encyclopedia of Inland Waters, Biogeochemistry of Inland Waters examines the transformation, flux and cycling of chemical compounds in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, combining aspects of biology, ecology, geology, and chemistry. Because the articles are drawn from an encyclopedia, they are easily accessible to interested members of the public, such as conservationists and environmental decision makers.

Key Features

  • This derivative text describes biogeochemical cycles of organic and inorganic elements and compounds in freshwater ecosystems


Professionals and teachers in the fields of limnology, aquatic ecology, environmental engineering, hydrology and environmental science

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to the Biogeochemistry of Inland Waters and Factors Affecting Flux and Cycling of  Chemicals, G. E. Likens

    Properties of Water
     Chemical Properties of Water, J.H. Aldstadt III, H.A. Bootsma, J.L. Ammerman
     Physical Properties of Water, K.M. Stewart
     Pressure, J.F. Atkinson
     Gas Exchange at the Air-Water Interface, D.L. Bade
     Light, Photolytic Reactivity and Chemical Products, A.V. Vähätalo

     Hydrological Cycle and Water Budgets, T.N. Narasimhan
     Atmospheric Water and Precipitation, K. Fienberg, E. Foufoula-Georgiou
     Snow and Ice, G. Hornberger, T.C. Winter
      Evapotranspiration, G. Katul, K. Novick
     Fluvial Export, M. Meybeck
     Ground Water, W.M. Alley
     Ground Water and Surface Water Interaction, H.M. Valett, R.W. Sheibley
     Groundwater Chemistry, J.W. LaBaugh
     Fluvial Transport of Suspended Solids, P.Y. Julien
     Streams, E. Wohl
     Rivers, P.A. Bukaveckas
     Springs, D.S. Glazier
     Vadose Water, J.R. Nimmo
     Wetland Hydrology, R.W. Tiner

    Hydrodynamics and Mixing in Lakes, Reservoirs, Wetlands and Rivers
     Biological-Physical Interactions, C.S. Reynolds
     Density Stratification and Stability, B. Boehrer, M. Schultze
     The Surface Mixed Layer in Lakes and Reservoirs, S.G. Monismith, S. MacIntyre
     Small-Scale Turbulence and Mixing: Energy Fluxes in Stratified Lakes, Wüest, A.Lorke

    The Benthic Boundary Layer (in Rivers, Lakes, and Reservoirs), A. Lorke, S. MacIntyre
     Currents in Rivers, A.N. Sukhodolov, H.-P. Kozerski, B.L. Rhoads
     Currents in Stratified Water Bodies 1: Density-Driven Flows, F. Peeters, R. Kipfer
     Currents in Stratified Water Bodies 2: Internal Waves, L. Boegman
     Currents in Stratified Water Bodies 3: Effects of Rotation, J.P. Antenucci
     Currents in the Upper Mixed Layer and in Unstratified Water Bodies, F.J. Rueda, J. Vidal
     Flow in Wetlands and Macrophyte Beds, A.M. Folkard, M.J. Coates
     Flow Modification by Submerged Vegetation, H.M. Nepf
     Hydrodynamical Modeling, B.R. Hodges
    Inorganic Chemicals: Cycles and Ecosystem  Dynamics
     Chemical Fluxes and Dynamics in River and Stream Ecosystems, W.M. Lewis
     Dissolved CO2, J.J. Cole, Y.T. Prairie
     Alkalinity, M.D. Mattson
     Major Cations (Ca, Mg, Na, K, Al), C.S. Cronan
     Chloride, S.S. Kaushal
     Iron and Manganese, A.E. Giblin
     Micronutrient Elements (Co, Mo, Mn, Zn, Cu), C.R. Goldman
     Biogeochemistry of Trace Metals and Mettaloids, C. Gilmour, G. Riedel
     Nitrogen Fixation, R.W. Marino, R. Howarth
     Nitrogen, R. Howarth
     Phosphorus, N. Caraco
     Silica, D.J. Conley, E. Struyf
     Salinity, G. Harris

    Organic Compounds: Cycles and Dynamics
     Allelochemical Reactions, E.M. Gross
     Carbohydrates, N.O.G. Jørgensen
     Carbon, Unifying Currency, Y.T. Prairie, J.J. Cole
     Dissolved Humic Substances: Interactions with Organisms, C.E.W. Steinberg et al.
     Interactions of Dissolved Organic Matter and Humic Substances, L.J. Tranvik et al.
     Lipids, Y. Olsen
     Methane, D. Bastviken
     Natural Organic Matter, E. Michael Perdue
     Organic Nitrogen, N.O.G. Jørgensen
     Nutrient Stoichiometry in Aquatic Ecosystems, R.W. Sterner
     Redox Potential, M. Søndergaard

    Pollution and Remediation Acidification, W. Geller, M. Schultze
     Aquatic Ecosystems and Human Health, R.M. McNinch, J.B. Rose, E.A. Dreelin
     Bioassessment of Aquatic Ecosystems, R.H. Norris, M.T. Barbour
     Deforestation and Nutrient Loading to Fresh Waters, M.C. Feller
     Distribution and Abundance of Aquatic Plants - Human Impacts, S. Knight, J. Hauxwell
     Effects of Climate Change on Lakes, W.F. Vincent
     Eutrophication, V.H. Smith
     Fires, E. Prepas, N. Serediak, G. Putz, D.W. Smith
     Floods, J.A. Hubbart, J.R. Jones
     Mercury Pollution in Remote Freshwaters, C.J. Watras
     Pollution of Aquatic Ecosystems I, F.M. Wilhelm
     Pollution of Aquatic Ecosystems II: Hydrocarbons, Synthetic Organics, Radionuclides, Heavy Metals,
    Acids, and Thermal Pollution, K.R. Echols et al.
     Vector-Borne Diseases of Freshwater Habitats, V. H. Resh

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  • No. of pages: 744
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 2010
  • Published: May 17, 2010
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • Paperback ISBN: 9780128102244
  • eBook ISBN: 9780123819970

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Gene E. Likens

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