Proceedings of the Ninth Northeast Conference

1st Edition - January 1, 1981

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  • Editor: Walter Welkowitz
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483148182

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Bioengineering: Proceedings of the Ninth Northeast Conference documents and reviews papers that cover topics related to bioengineering. The contents are organized according to the sessions of the conference, which covers a specific aspect of bioengineering. Topics covered in the book include biomaterials, hemodynamics, bioelectrochemical phenomena, muscular skeletal kinematics, cardiology, tissue mechanics, bioinstrumentation, and artificial organs. This book will be of great interest to researchers in the field of bioengineering and other researchers and professionals interested in the development of bioengineering as a scientific discipline.

Table of Contents

  • Preface

    Plenary Session


    Special Sessions

    Session 1: Clinical Engineering Education - Hospital Viewpoint

    Session 5: Ultrasonics


    Ultrasonically Induced Bioeffects via Mechanical Stresses


    Ultrasound Tissue Characterization Using Differential Spectral Estimates

    Session 9: Pharmacokinetics

    In Vitro and In Vivo Pharmacokinetic Techniques in the Design and Evaluation of Sustained-released Products

    Physiological and Pharmacokinetic Aspects of Sustained-released Dosage Forms

    Statistical Methods in the Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Bioavailability Studies

    Application of a Personal Computer for Automated Data Acquisition in Drug Bioavailability Studies; A Critical Analysis of a A Successful Experience

    Session 13: Medical Imaging

    General Purpose Biomedical Image Processing

    Image Processing Applications in Nuclear Medicine

    The Diagnostic Performance of Leukocyte Counters

    Image Processing in Computed Tomography and Computed Radiography

    Regular Sessions

    Session 2: Biomaterials

    A Mathematical Consistency Check for In Vivo Strain Measurements

    Attachment of a Partially Absorbable Tendon and Ligament to Soft Tissue

    Medial Collateral Ligament Replacement with a Partially Absorbable Tissue Scaffold

    Development of a Bite Force Transducer for Use with Endosseous Dental Implants

    Physiochemical Characteristics of Alumino-Calcium Phosphorousoxide

    Session 3: Hemodynamics

    An External Blood Flow Device

    Similarity Analysis of Mammalian Hemodynamics

    Rheology of Blood Oscillating in a Tube

    In Vitro System for Determining Vein Mechanics

    A Study of the Flow Characteristic Around the Self-cleaning Heart Valve under Pulsatile Conditions

    Thrombocyte Size Distribution Analysis

    Session 4: Computers in Medicine

    A General Purpose Data Collection, Data Analysis and Communications System

    BeMi - A Universal Bedside Microprocessor-based Module for Patient-care

    A Microprocessor Controlled Automated Data Collection Device for the Technicon Autoanalyzer System

    Microprocessor-based Jitter Analysis in Single Fiber Electromyography

    Development of an Algorithm to Assist Clinical Engineers to Plan for Clinical Monitoring Systems

    Session 6: Rehabilitation, Orthotics and Implants

    Wheelchair-automobile Systems for the Severely Disabled Driver

    The Design of a Myoelectrically Controlled Upper Arm Prosthesis with Variable Mechanical Impedance

    Quantitative Assessment of Back Strength-performance Indices

    Internal Fracture Fixation with Partially Degradable Plates

    Sustained Pressurization of Acrylic Cement in the Proximal Femur during Arthroplasty

    An Intramedullary Bone Plug Device

    Session 7: Bioelectrochemical Phenomena

    Linear A.C. Electrode Polarization Impedance under Controlled pH and Potential for AG-AGCL Electrodes

    The Effects of Low Level D.C. Stimulation on Micro-organism Growth

    Anisotropic Impedance Properties of Skeletal Muscle

    Effect of Pulsing Electromagnetic Field on the Growth of Chick Embryo: A Preliminary Study

    Presentation of Multi-lead EEG by Topographic Maps of Electrical Activity

    Detection of Hypoxia Using EEG Patterns

    Spectral Analysis of EEG Effects Induced by Systemic Administration of Morphine in the Rat

    Electro-mechanical Feedback Systems in the Remodeling of Wet Bones

    Session 8: Modeling I

    Development of Breathing Rat Lung Models for Particulate Deposition Studies

    Synamic Response Evaluation and Modeling of a Thermistor Used in the Measurement of Respiratory Gas Temperatures in Neonates

    Identifiability Conditions in a Well-stirred Compartment with Variable Flow

    A Digital Computer Model of Forced Exhalation

    Modeling of Human near Response Disorders

    Eye Movement Auditory Biofeedback Treatment of Nystagmus

    Visual System Color Processing and its Dependence on the Spatial Arrangement of the Visual Field

    The Effect of Mechanical Impedance on Abnormal Intention Tremor

    Relationship between Second Derivative of I0(t) and Stability of Bilayer Membranes

    Session 10: Muscular Skeletal Kinematics

    A Generalized Approach to Biomechanical Modeling

    Describing Vertebral Motion Using Analytical Ruled Surfaces and Their Mechanical Analogs

    Computational Technique for Optimizing Accuracy of Radio-graphic Measurements of Intervertebral Joint Motion

    Biomechanical Evaluation of Scoliosis in Friedreich Ataxia Patients

    Spatial Kinematic Study Based on a Video-Taping Method

    Kinematic Error Analysis of Dental Articulators

    Gait Analysis Evaluation of a New Dynamic Knee Joint Orthosis

    Session 11: Cardiology

    The Electrode-heart Impedance at Threshold

    Graphical Method for Estimating Pacing Threshold

    Stimulated Ventricular Fibrillation in the Presence of Pharmacological or Environmental Agents

    A Preliminary Study of Cardiac Threshold Variability Relative to Respiration

    Development of a "Universal" Pacemaker Sensing System

    Session 12: Modeling II

    Epileptogenesis and Thalamocortical Neurons

    Thermodynamic Modeling and Computer Simulation of Factors Affecting Hemolysis Kinetics Equilibrium Red Cell Shapes in Osmotic Swelling

    Time Series Analysis Using Human Posture-platform and Graf-pen Data

    Application of Optimal Control Method to Design of Cancer Treatment Using a Continuous-time Cell Kinetic Model

    Temperature Fields Generated in the Treatment of Cancer by Hyperthermia

    A Parametric Model for the Entrapment of a Circadian Rhythm by Daily Light Cycles

    Mathematical Models for Deducing the Asymmetry of Brain Response During Verbal Processing

    Session 14: Tissue Mechanics

    Development of a Finite Element Based Method for Directly Determining Strains in Soft Tissue

    Factors Affecting the Tensile Stress-strain Behavior of Canine Medial Collateral Ligaments

    Effect of Mechanical Load on Healing Incisions

    Variation of Poisson's Ratios of the Aortic Tissue

    The Alteration of the Viscoelastic Mechanical Properties of Articular Cartilage with Joint Sepsis

    A New Non-invasive Method for Determination of Cross-Section Geometry of Long Bones

    Viscoelastic Finite Element Model of the Human Intervertebral Joint

    A Three-Dimensional Failure Criterion for Human Femoral Cortical Bone

    Session 15: Bioinstrumentation

    A Thin Linear Thermometer Array for Temperature Measurement in Cancer Hyperthermia

    Pulsed Doppler Frequency Spectrum Analysis Studies of Simulated Stenoses

    Nerve Conduction Velocity from Correlation and Spectral Analysis

    Ultrasonic Transit-time Measurement of Blood-flow in the Chicken

    An Approach to Noninvasive Measurement of Intracranial Pressure

    Session 16: Artificial Organs

    Effect of Tube Diameter on Duration of Patency of Hybrid Artificial Pancreas Prototypes in Ex Vivo Shunts

    Assessments in the Development and Testing of Percutaneous Energy Transmission Systems

    The Use of Clean Surfaces to Prevent Thrombosis

    Calcification of Glutaraldehyde-treated Xenografts and Blood-contacting Synthetic Elastomers

    Effects of Gamma Radiation Sterilization and In Vitro Aging on Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

    The Design of an Implantable Bone Growth System

    Author Index

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  • No. of pages: 450
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Pergamon 1981
  • Published: January 1, 1981
  • Imprint: Pergamon
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483148182

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