Biochemistry Illustrated

5th Edition

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Post-Genomic Era


  • Peter Campbell
  • Timothy Peters
  • Anthony Smith
    • Print ISBN 9780443100345

    Key Features

    • Highly visual presentation of subject
    • Concentrates on essential core of knowledge
    • Logical sequence of chapters with nucleic acids and protein synthesis covered at start of book.

    Table of Contents

    The cellular basis of biochemistry. An introduction to proteins and peptides. Nucleic acids and protein synthesis. Protein structure and function with hemoglobin as an example. Proteins: specialised functions. The structure and function of enzymes. Carbohydrate structures and their interconversion. Nitrogen metabolism. Oxidative catabolism of glucose and fatty acids. Carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in the fasting state. Carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in the absorptive state. Plasma lipoproteins, cholesterol metabolism and atherosclerosis. The action of hormones and other effectors in regulating glycogen and glucose metabolism, ketogenesis and lipogenesis. Phospholipids, other substances and complex carbohydrates. Biomembranes, receptors and signal transduction. The post-genomic era and its impact on the future of biochemistry and molecular biology.


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