Biochemical Factors Concerned in the Functional Activity of the Nervous System - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080133119, 9781483138480

Biochemical Factors Concerned in the Functional Activity of the Nervous System

1st Edition

First International Meeting of the International Society for Neurochemistry, Strasbourg, 1967

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Editors: D. Richter
eBook ISBN: 9781483138480
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1969
Page Count: 238
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Biochemical Factors Concerned in the Functional Activity of the Nervous System presents the biological aspects concerned in the functional activity of the nervous system. This book covers several interesting topics concerning the central nervous system, including phospholipids, RNA synthesis, nerve impulse flow, and nerve growth factor.
Comprised of 213 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the electron micrographs of calcium–ATP–phospholipid complexes. This text then examines the biochemical and histochemical studies on sectioned rat spinal cords, which demonstrated two types of monoamine-reducing drugs. Other chapters consider the diversity of antagonistic relations between the thiamine derivatives and vitamin B6, which is manifested by changes in the glutamate–GABA, histidine–histamine, tryptophan–serotonin, and tyrosine–noradrenaline systems. This book discusses as well the influence of a conditioned avoidance training experience on the incorporation of radioactive uridine into the RNA of mouse brain. The final chapter deals with the amino acid-incorporating activity of cerebral polyribosomes. This book is a valuable resource for biochemists, neurologists, pharmacologists, and biophysicists.

Table of Contents

Part I: Biochemical Factors Concerned in the Functional Activity of the Nervous System

Chapter 1. Interfacial Interaction of Calcium and ATP With Phospholipids and Other Surfactants

Chapter 2. Effect of Various Agents on Protein and RNA Synthesis in the Goldfish Brain

Chapter 3. The Influence of Nerve Impulse Flow on the Effects of Drugs on Central Monoamine Nerve Terminals

Chapter 4. Carbohydrate Metabolism in Embrionic Sensory Ganglia. Effect of A Specific Protein “Nerve Growth Factor” (NGF)

Chapter 5. The Metabolism of Ethanolamine Lipids in Sub-Cellular Fractions of Rat Brain

Chapter 6. Neurochemical and Neurophysiological Evidence for the Role of Glycine as An Inhibitory Transmitter in Cat Spinal Cord

Chapter 7. Changes in the Activity of Enzyme Systems in Epileptogenic and Non Epileptogenic Lesions of the Human Neocortex

The Following Results Were Obtained

Chapter 8. The Role of Thiamine in the Biochemistry of Nervous Tissues

Chapter 9. Effects of Neonatal Thyroid Deficiency on the Developing Brain

Chapter 10. Metabolism of GABA in Cerebral Cortex

Chapter 11. Compartmentilization of Acetylcholine in Brain

Chapter 12. The Influence of Potassium and Glucose on Glutamine Synthesis in Rat Cerebral Cortex Slices

Chapter 13. Myelinogenesis in Rat Brain

Chapter 14. Comparative Effects of Acetoxycycloheximide and Puromycinon Learning and Memory in Mice

Chapter 15. A Critical Evaluation of Intracerebral Injection and of Anaesthesia in the Study of Brain Metabolism in Vivo

Chapter 16. Studies on the Metabolism of N-Acetyl-L-Aspartic-Acid Inperipheral Tissues of the Rat

Chapter 17. G-Lycolysis and Visual Cell Function

Chapter 18. The Existence of Two Pathways From Acetyl CoA to Glutamate in the Central Nervous System

Chapter 19. Regional Metabolism of [14C]Leucine in Brain (Cat): Ventricular and Intravenous Administration

Chapter 20. Investigations on the Significance of Cerebrospinal Fluid Creatine

Chapter 21. Studies on the Nature of the Endogenous Substrate in the Biosynthesis of Cerebroside Sulphate in Brain

Chapter 22. Cerebral Metabolism of L-[U-14C]glutamine and of L-[U-14C] Glutamic Acid in Chronic Mental Disease and in Therapeutic Insulin Coma

Chapter 23. Activation and Solubilization of Particle-Bound Brain Hexokinase

Chapter 24. Pigeon Brain Proteins: Structure, Biosynthesis and State in Learning

Chapter 25. Studies on Free Nucleotides and Ribonucleic Acids of the Rat Brain Under Various Functional Conditions

Chapter 26. Comparative Study of Nucleic Acids Obtained From Rabbit Liver and Brain

Chapter 27. Metabolism of Nerve-Ending Particles

Chapter 28. Correlation Between Induced Changes in the Electrocorticogram and the Release of Biologically Active Substances From the Cerebral Cortex

Chapter 29. Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase in Brain -Quantitative Histochemistry

Chapter 30. Incorporation of [3H]Uridine Into Mouse Brain RNA during Stress

Chapter 31. Changes in the Content of Individual Phospholipids in Bloodentering and Leaving the Brain and in the Cerebrospinal Fluid

Chapter 32. on the Mechanism of Formation of Ammonium From Amino Acids in Brain

Chapter 32. Size Distribution of RNA Isolated From Goldfish Brain Lung

Chapter 34. Incorporation De L’Acide [ 2-14C ]Mevalonique Dans Lecholesterol Du Systeme Nerveux Du Rat Adulte. Localisation Anatomique des Sites de Synthese

Chapter 35. Etude Des Transferts De Cholesterol D’Origine plasmatique Dans Le Systeme Nerveux Central Du Rat Adulte

Chapter 36. Activation of L-Histidine Decarboxylase by Apyridoxal-51-Phosphate Derivative

Chapter 37. Phosphatase Activity Related To Synaptic Transmitter Function of Noradrenaline in the Central Nervous System

Chapter 38. Changes in Brain Metabolites Under Normal Physiological Conditions

Chapter 39. The Effect of X-Irradiation on the Metabolism of the Developing Central Nervous System

Chapter 40. The Effect of Changes in Oxygen Concentration, Electrolyte Concentration and pH on Substrate Metabolism and Ultrastructure in Vivo

Chapter 41. Free Amino-Acid Changes in Cat Cerebral Cortex after Topical Application of Strychnine and Nembutal

Chapter 42. Relationships Between Insoluble Proteins in Membrane Subcellular Fractions From Rat Brain

Chapter 43. Protein Labeling in Occipital and Temporal Cortex of Monkey

Chapter 44. The Lipids of Human Pineal Gland

Chapter 45. The Intraneuronal Distribution, Transport and Life-Span of Noradrenaline Storage Granules in the Adrenergic Neuron System

Chapter 46. Exopeptidase Activities of Brain Subcellular Membrane Fractions

Chapter 47. The Subunit Structure of Neurofilament Protein

Chapter 48. on A New Group of Ethanolamine Containing Phospholipids

Chapter 49. Ganglioside Analyses of Serial Sections Through Brain Regions and of Isolated Neurones

Chapter 50. Glutamine Synthetase in the Brain

Chapter 51. The Effects of Undernutrition on Myelination and Its Later Sequelae

Chapter 52. Acetylcholine and Some Factors Affecting the Permeability of Cell Membranes in Nervous Tissues

Chapter 53. Alteration of Phospholipids in Wallerian Degeneration

Chapter 54. Elaboration and Transport of Axonal Proteins as Revealed by Electron Microscope Radioautography

Chapter 55. Paper Chromatographic Separation and Quantitative Analysis of Certain B6 Components as Their Dansyl Derivatives

Chapter 56. Amphetamine and Free Nucleotides in the Brain

Chapter 57. Respiratory Control of Normal and of β-Internal and γ-External Irradiated CNS Mitochondria

Chapter 58. Changes in the Proteins of Human and Rabbit Neural Tissue With Development

Chapter 59. The Maturation of Human CNS Myelin

Chapter 60. Distribution and Exchange of Brain Calcium in Vivo in the Rat

Chapter 61. The Synthesis of Phosphoenolpyruvate by Mitochondria of Mammalian Brain Cortex

Chapter 62. A Sensitive Chemical Method for the Determination of Acetylcholine; Its Application in the study of Presynaptic Release


Chapter 63. Dopamine in Corpus Striatum and Behavior in Rats

Chapter 64. Metabolites in the Brain During the Seizures Evoked by Methionine Sulphoximine

Chapter 65. Accumulation of [131I] Triiodothyronine in Neurons and in Other Tissues

Chapter 66. Topographic Studies of Noradrenaline Transmitter Function

Chapter 67. The Efflux of Potassium From Isolated Slices of Rat Brain

Chapter 68. Distribution Quantitative Des Divers Phospholipides Dans Lesneurones Et Les Cellules Gliales Isoles Du Cortex Cerebralde Rat Adulte

Chapter 69. Catecholamines in the Cockroach Brain. A Fluorescence and Electron Microscope Study

Chapter 70. Nonhydroxy and Hydroxy Fatty Acids in Brain Cerebrosides of Man and Various Animal Species

Chapter 71. Effect of Drugs and Different Experimental Conditions on the Activity of Central Monoamine Neurons

Chapter 72. Quantitative Analysis of Individual Molecular Species of Lipids in the Nervous Structures of Marine Animals

Chapter 73. Brain Sterols in the Adult Rat

Chapter 74. Technical Procedure for Micro Disc-Electrophoresis

Chapter 75. Effects of Severe Protein-Calorie Deficiency on the Incorporation of Glucose Carbon Into Free Amino Acids of Rat Brain Cortex

Chapter 76. Phenylalanine Aminotransferase. Properties and Functions

Chapter 77. Biochemical and Biophysical Characterization of Cytoplasmic and Nuclear Ribonucleoproteins and Ribonucleic Acids of Rat Brain

Chapter 78. Action of Tranquillizer Drugs At the Level of brain Nucleoproteins

Chapter 79. New Microchemical Approaches To the Study of the functional Activity of Individual Neurons

Chapter 80. Effects of Various Forms of Stress on the Turnover of [3H]Norepinephrine in the Rat Brain

Chapter 81. Influence of the Substantia Nigra on the Synthesis of Biogenic Amines in the Striatum

Chapter 82. Heterogeneity of Beef Brain S-100 Protein

Chapter 83. Changes in Nucleic Acids and Enzymes in Developing Cerebral Cortex and Cerebellum of the Rat After Neotal Thyroidectomy

Chapter 84. Role of Light in the Biosynthesis of Ribonucleic Acids during Ontogenesis of Visual Pathways

Chapter 85. Transient Losses of Cell Lipid From Cultures of Human Foetal Cerebella Exposed To Heterologous Serum

Chapter 86. Some Studies on the Effect of Electrical Stimulation on the Sympathetic Adrenergic Neuron

Chapter 87. Biosynthesis of Glycolipids: Incorporation of Radioactive N-Acetyl Galactosamine From Uridine-Diphospho-(N-Acetyl)[ 14C ]Hexosamine iInto Clycolipids by a Rat Brain Particulate Preparation

Chapter 88. An Interpretation of Neuronal Function, Cytochromeoxidase Activity and Tricyanoaminopropene

Chaper 89. Triphosphoinositide Phosphohydrolases of Rat Brain

Chapter 90. Isolation and Characterization of Soluble Brain Lipoproteins

Chapter 91. A Potassium-Induced Stimulation of Potassium and Glutamate Transport in Brain Slices

Chapter 92. Gangliosides in Relation To Histological Structure of Cerebral Cortex and of Photoreceptor Organelles

Chapter 93. Neurochemical Effect of Normal Environmental Deprivation

Chapter 94. Regional Differences of Retinal LDH-Patterns and their Functional Implication

Chapter 95. The Short-Term Turnover of Ethanolamine Phosphoglycerides in Mouse Brain Myelin and Microsomes in Vivo

Chapter 96. The Phospholipid Composition of Cell Fractions From the Muscle of Normal and Dystrophic Mice

Chapter 97. Turnover Rates of Protein and RNA in Subcellular Fractions of Rat Brain

Chapter 98. The Biosynthesis of RNA and Protein in Normal and Scrapie Mouse Brain

Chapter 99. Comparative Studies of the Deamination of Dimethoxyphenylethylamine in Rat, Dog and Human Brain

Chapter 100. Simultaneous Determination of RNA and Protein Synthesis in Rat Brain Cortex Slices

Chapter 101. Utilization of Adenosine by Calf Brain Extracts

Chapter 102. Preparation of Bulk Quantities of Differentiating Cells from the Chick Embryo Cerebral Hemisphere

Chapter 103. Transport of Monosaccharides Into Slices of Guinea-Pig Brain Cortex

Chapter 104. Brain Proteins Labelled by [32P]DFP and Their Connection With the Delayed Neurotoxic Effect of Some Organophosphorus Compounds

Chapter 105. Lipids and Free Amino Acids in Human Brain Slices

Chapter 106. Binding of Metallic Cations by Aqueous Dispersions of Brain Lipids

Chapter 107. Interruption of Hypoglycemic Coma by Infusion of Amino Acids

Chapter 108. Electrochemical Potential Differences for H+/HCO3- Between Blood and CSF in Acute and Sustained Acid-Base Changes

Chapter 109. Histochemical Distribution of Acetyloholinesterase in Sympathetic Ganglia of Control and Immunosympathectomized Rats

Chapter 110. Amino Acid Metabolism in Rat Superior Cervical Ganglion

Chapter 111. Intrinsic Protein-Synthesizing Machinery of the Axon

Chapter 112. Interrelations of RNA and Protein Synthesis and Neural Function in Cat Spinal Cord. A Study of the Neurobiological Activity

Chapter 113. Biochemical and Functional Changes in the Nervous System Produced by Methionine Sulphoximine

Chapter 114. on Brain Proteins Participating in Amidenitrogen Metabolism

Chapter 115. Determination of Na+ and K+ in Individual Invertebrate

Chapter 116 . Composition Phospholipidique Des Diverses Tumeurs Cerebrales Chez L’Homme

Chapter 117. A Comparative Study of Phospholipids in the Nervous System of Molluscs

Chapter 118. Comparative Rates of Synthesis of NAD in Neuronal and Glial Cell Nuclei

Chapter 119. Purification and Properties of A-Type Esterases Infoetal and Adult Rabbit Brain

Chapter 120. Biochemical Patterns in Isolated Membranes of the CNS

Chapter 121. Tissue Slice Experiments Illustrating Inhibitors of Cerebral Oxidative Metabolism in Uremic and Hepatic Coma

Chapter 122. Studies on Low Molecular Weight Proteins Present in Cerebrospinal Fluid (C.S.F.) and in Normal and Pathological Urines

Chapter 123. Purification of Brain Acetylcholinesterase

Chapter 124. Amidation of A Specific Brain Protein Fraction During Convulsive Activity and Ammonia Intoxication

Chapter 125. Gangliosides of the Adrenal Medulla

Chapter 126. Studies of Phosphopeptides in Animal Tissues

Chapter 127. The Solubility of Brain Proteins in Chloroform-Methanolmixtures

Chapter 128. A Barrier Effect At the Level of the Pial Surface of the Brain

Chapter 129. Uptake of Exogenous Monoamines by Neurons of the Central Nervous System

Chapter 130. The Mechanism by Which Sialic Acid in the Gangliosides Is Rendered Immune To Sialidase

Chapter 131. Cytochemical Study of Stimulatory and Inhibitory Neurons of the Cerebellar Cortex

Chapter 132. ATP and Pyridine Nucleotide Content of Light and Dark Adapted Vertebrate Retina

Chapter 133. Structure and Biosynthesis of Myelin in the Mammalian CNS in Vitro

Chapter 134. The Release of Unesterified Fatty Acids in Brain

Chapter 135. The Occurrence of Fluorescent Lipids in Brain

Chapter 136. Agents With Specific Actions on Sodium and Potassiumion Movements in Mammalian Cerebral Tissues

Chapter 137. Changes in the Concentration of the Yc-Globulin of Bovine Cerebrospinal Fluid With Development

Chapter 138. A Comparison of the Metabolism of Brain and an Experimental Glial Neoplasm During Ischemia

Chapter 139. Some Properties of the Limiting Membranes of Synaptosomes and Synaptic Vesicles

Chapter 140. Choline Acetyltransferase Activity in Spinal and Sympathetic Ganglia of Chick Embryo

Chapter 141 . Free Amino Acids of Human Brain During Maturation

Chapter 142. Serotonin, Noradrenaline and Sleep Changes During Nitrogen Deprivation

Chapter 143. the Metabolism of the Basic Proteins of Rat Brain During Development

Chapter 144. Effect of Ionic Strength on Glutamate Decarboxylase Activity of Mouse Brain Mitochondria

Chapter 145. the Effect of An Electric Field on Cephalin Films

Chapter 146. Comparison of the Protein Composition of Myelin From Different Species

Chapter 147. A Possible Role of Strand in in the Regulation of Catecholamine Transport Across Membranes

Chapter 148. Enzymic Functions Related To Reduced Pyridinenucleotide Regulation in Brain

Chapter 149. Enzymic Pattern Changes in Cat Neocortexproduced by Mescaline Epileptogenic Focus

Chapter 150. Preparation and Turnover Studies of Four Brain Proteins

Chapter 151. Direct Action of Deuterium on Isolated Nervous Tissues in Organized Culture

Chapter 152. A Study on the Precursor for Acetylcholine Synthesis in the Nervous Tissue

Chapter 153. Rat Brain Myelin: Compositional Changes During Development

Chapter 154. Rates of Protein Synthesis and Catabolism in the Developing Rat Brain

Chapter 155. Biochemical and Behavioral Changes Associated With Focal Deuteron Irradiation of the Mouse Brain

Chapter 156 . Adenosine Triphosphatase Du Nerf Normal, Régénéré Et Dégénéré

Chapter 157. Changes in the Activity of Amino Acid: tRNA-Ligases in the Mouse Brain During Postnatal Development

Chapter 158. Lipid Components of Human Myelin Membranes Forming the Myelin Sheath

Chapter 159. Effect of An Ectosylvian Epileptogenic Focus on Oxidative Phosphorylation in the Cat Neocortex

Chapter 160. Comparative Studies of Fatty Acid Composition of Phospholipids in Subcellular Fractions of Rabbit Brain

Chapter 161. Mechanisms of Biosynthesis of Phosphatidylethanolamine and Phosphatidylserine in Brain Tissue At the Microsomal Level. The Role of L-Serine Ethanolamine and L-Threonine Ethanolamine Phosphodiesters

Chapter 162 . Cerebral Amino Acid Metabolism in Brain Tumors

Chapter 163. Cationic Stimulation of RNA Synthesis in Rat Brain Cortex Slices

Chapter 164. Olfaction and Changes in Brain Nuclear RNA in a Teleost

Chapter 165. 14C-Labelling of N-Acetyl-Aspartic Acid and N-Acetylaspartyl-Glutamic Acid in Mouse Brain Tissue Slices

Chapter 166. the Comparative Production of γ-Aminobutyrate in Bidirectionally Bred Behavioral Strains

Chapter 167. Isolation and Properties of Isolated Nerve Ending Membranes and Junctional Complexes

Chapter 168. Association of Components of the γ-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) System With Synaptic Vesicles

Chapter 169. Enzyme Histochemical Studies on the Cerebral Cortex of Thyroid Hormone-Deficient Rats

Chapter 170. Metabolism Op Isolated Neuronal and Glial Cells

Chapter 171. the Occurrence and Metabolism of Triglycerides in Brain

Chapter 172. Lipid Charge and Membrane Structure

Chapter 173. Ionic Composition of Brain Slices Isolated From the Rat

Chapter 174. the Effect of Lithium on Cerebral Monoamine Neurons

Chapter 175. Incorporation of Exogenous Acetylcholine, Choline and Atropine in Mouse Brain Cortex Slices

Chapter 176. the Identification and Measurement of Myo-Inosose-2 and Scyllo-Inositol in Mammalian Tissues

Chapter 177. Relations Between the Tissue Acid-Base and the Tissue Energy Metabolism in the Brain

Chapter 178. in Vitro Synthesis of Myelin in Normal and Demyelinating Rats

Chapter 179. Activation of Single Neurons in Rat Brain by L-Glutamic Acid Before and After Inhibition of the Decarboxylase Interactions

Chapter 180. Glycolipids of Peripheral Nerve in Metachromatic Leucodystrophy (MLD)

Chapter 181. Isolation, Chemical Characterization and Comparison O fthe Membranous Cytoplasmic Bodies From Brains of Tay-Sachs Disease and GM1-Gangliosidosis (Generalized Gangliosidosis)

Chapter 182. Free and Protein-Bound Lysine Flux in Developing Rabbit Brain

Chapter 183. Effects of Ouabain on Isolated Guinea-Pig Cerebral Cortex

Chapter 184. Regulation by Pyruvate Kinase of Aerobic Glycolysis in Brain Tissue in Vitro

Chapter 185. RNAse and RNAse Inhibitor, Examined in Relation Toprotein and RNA Metabolism in the Central Nervous Tissue

Chapter 186. Qualitative and Quantitative Patterns of Gangliosides in the Brains of Different Animals

Chapter 187. Myelinogenesis and Brain Function in Prenatally X-Irradiated Rats

Chapter 188. the Influence of Nucleases, and Inhibitors of Nucleic Acid and Protein Synthesis, on Behavior in the Mouse

Chapter 189. Studies on RNA Synthesized in Vitro by Sensory Ganglia of Chick Embryo

Chapter 190. Multiple Sclerosis Brain Gamma Globulin and the Sink Action of the Cerebrospinal Fluid

Chapter 191. Ouabain and Electrolyte Metabolism of Cerebral Cortex in Vitro

Chapter 192. Biochemical Studies on Organ-Specific Protein from Brain Microsomes

Chapter 193. Glucose Balance and Synthesis of Free Amino Acids in the CNS of Normal and Gamma(Co60)-Irradiated Rats

Chapter 194. Molecular Properties of the Nerve Growth

Chapter 195, Glycerolphosphate Dehydrogenase Differentiation in the Developing Rat Brain: Effect of X-Irradiation

Chapter 196. Separation of the Low Molecular Weight Peptide Fraction From Calf Brain Stem and Identification of Some Acidic Compound

Chapter 197. Modification of the Polysomal Pattern in Rabbit Cerebral Cortex by Electroshock Treatment

Chapter 198. Fine Structure and Histochemistry of Peripheral Blood Leucocytes and Platelets in Niemann-Pick Disease

Chapter 199. Biosynthesis of RNA in ‘Neuronal’ and ‘Neuroglial’ Fractions

Chapter 200. Brain Transglutaminase During Development of EAE

Chapter 201. Influence of Some Ions and Small Molecules on the Activity and Physical Properties of A Purified Anionic Aspartic-2 Oxoglutaric Aminotransferase: A Model System

Chapter 202. Properties of A “Brain-Specific“ Glycoprotein in Aqueous Extracts of Human Central and Peripheral Nerve Tissue

Chapter 203. the Intracellular Distribution of Brain Catecholamines

Chapter 204. Electrolytes of the Brain in Water Intoxication

Chapter 205. Increased RNA Synthesis in the Brains of Mice Undergoing Conditioned Avoidance Training

Chapter 206. Evaluation of Extraction Procedures and Preliminary Separations of Peptides From Calf Brain Stem

Chapter 207. Proteins of Centrum Ovale, Optic Nerve and Peripheral Nerve Myelin

Chapter 208. Activity of Membrane-Bound Enzymes as A Function of Structural Changes in Membranes

Chapter 209, UDPG and UDPGA in Brain and Other Organs

Chapter 210. Outer Segment Renewal in Photoreceptor Cells of the Vertebrate Retina

Chapter 211. Studies on Brain Sialidase

Chapter 212. Site of Increased Labelling of RNA in Brains of Mice during Short Term Learning Experience

Chapter 213. Sedimentation Properties of Cerebral Ribosomes Active in Amino Acid Incorporation



Sterol Metabolism in the Brain of the Developing Chick Embryo


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