Bibliographic Guide to Refrigeration 1965–1968

Bibliographic Guide to Refrigeration 1965–1968

Guide Bibliographique du Froid

1st Edition - January 1, 1969

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  • Author: Unknown Author
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483158754

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Bibliographic Guide to Refrigeration 1965-1968 is a bibliographic guide to all the documents abstracted in the International Institute of Refrigeration Bulletin during the period 1965-1968. The references include nearly 7,000 reports, articles, and communications, classified according to subjects, and followed by a listing of books. This book is divided into 10 parts and begins with a listing of references on thermodynamics, heat transfer, and other basic physical phenomena relating to refrigeration, including desiccation and measurements of temperature, humidity, and pressure. The next sections are devoted to the physics of low temperatures and cryogenics; production and distribution of cold; refrigerating plants (mainly in the food domain); and refrigerated transport and packaging. Other references deal with air conditioning and heat pumps; and industrial, biological, medical, and agricultural applications of refrigeration. The final section focuses on standards and regulations, economics and statistics, and education and trade activities in the refrigeration industry. This guide is intended to assist researchers, engineers, manufacturers, and operators who are in either constant or occasional contact with the refrigeration domain.

Table of Contents

  • CH. I — Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer and Other Basic Physical Phenomena Relating to Refrigeration

    A — Thermodynamics

    1. Generalities — Equation of State — Thermodynamic Functions

    2. Equilibrium between Phases of a Pure Body — Critical Point

    3. Changes of State

    4. Thermodynamics of Solutions. Cryoscopy

    5. Adsorption — Desorption

    6. Other Physico-Chemical Phenomena

    7. Theory of Refrigerating Cycles

    8. Study of Humid Air — Psychrometric Charts

    Β — Physics of Water — Desiccation

    1. Physical Properties of Water, Water Vapor and Ice

    2. Thermodynamics of Water to Ice Transformations

    3. Ice Formation

    4. Physics of Drying and Freeze-Drying

    C — Measurement of Temperature, Humidity and Pressure; Other Thermodynamic Measurements

    1. Temperature Scale

    2. Thermometry in General

    3. Electric Resistance Thermometers — Thermistors

    4. Thermocouples

    5. Calorimetry

    6. Cryoscopic Measurements and Other Thermodynamic Measurements

    7. Hygrometry

    8. Measurement of Pressures and apparatus for Various Pressures

    D — Heat Transfer: Generalities, Radiation, Conduction

    1. Generalities on Heat Transfer

    2. Radiation

    3. Conduction

    4. Thermal Conductivity and Diffusivity of Substances

    5. Heat Transfer in Insulating Materials

    6. Moisture in Materials: Effect on Thermal Conductivity

    7. Heat Transfer under Transient Conditions through Complex Surfaces

    8. Miscellaneous Questions on Heat Transfer

    Ε — Heat Transfer: Convection

    1. Generalities on Convection — Relations between Thermal and Mechanical Phenomena

    2. Problems of Fluid Flow

    3. Convection along Plates

    4. Forced Convection

    5. Effect of Roughness, of Circuit Peculiarities — Pressure Drop in a Pipe

    6. Surface Convection on Tubes

    7. Heat Exchange with Liquid Films

    8. Natural Convection

    9. Heat Exchange during Condensation

    10. Heat Exchange during Boiling and Evaporating Processes

    11. Heat and Mass Transfer

    12. Miscellaneous Questions on Convection

    F — Heat Transfer in Heat Exchangers

    1. Heat Transfer in Various Types of Exchangers

    2. Fins

    3. Effect of Frosting, Fouling

    4. Miscellaneous Questions on Exchangers

    G — Measurements Relating to Heat Transfer and to Related Phenomena

    1. Measurements of Thermal Conductivity — Measurements of Heat Flow

    2. Measurements of the Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Materials

    3. Measurements Relating to Radiation and Convection

    4. Measurements Relating to air and Other Fluid Flow

    5. Analysis of Complex Heat and Energy Exchanges by Means of analog or Graphical Methods

    CH. II — Physics of Low Temperatures and Cryogenics

    A — Generalities

    Β — Properties of Low Temperature Liquefied Gases

    1. Generalities

    2. Helium in General

    3. Normal Helium

    4. Superfluid Helium (Helium II)

    5. Helium

    6. He3-He4 Mixtures and Isotopes

    7. Hydrogen in General, Ortho and Para-Hydrogen

    8. Hydrogen Isotopes, Compounds and Mixtures

    9. Nitrogen, Oxygen and Mixtures

    10. Rare Gases and Mixtures

    11. Other Mixtures and Pure Gases

    C — Properties of Elements at Low Temperature

    1. Generalities

    2. Study on Internal Structure

    3. Mechanical Properties

    4. Thermal Properties

    5. Electrical Properties

    6. Magnetic Properties

    7. Optical and Other Properties

    8. Thermoelectricity

    9. Superconductivity

    10. Quantic and Magnetic Phenomena in Relation to Low Temperatures

    D — Nuclear Problems and Low Temperatures

    1. Nuclear Physics

    2. Nuclear Technology and Refrigerating Equipment

    Ε — Cryogenic Techniques

    1. Generalities — Heat Transfer at Very Low Temperatures

    2. Liquefaction and Purification of Hydrogen

    3. Liquefaction and Purification of Helium

    4. Storage and Transfer of Cryogenic Fluids

    5. Refrigerators for Very Low Temperatures

    6. Production of Temperatures below 1ºΚ

    7. Measurement of Very Low Temperatures

    8. Cryostats and Equipment to Study Physical Properties at Low Temperatures

    9. Technology and applications of Superconductivity

    10. Cryopumping and Vacuum Techniques

    11. Miscellaneous Cryogenic application

    CH. III — Production and Distribution of Cold

    A — Generalities on Cold Production — Refrigerants

    1. Generalities on Refrigerating Systems

    2. Refrigerants in General

    3. Ammonia

    4. Halogenated Hydrocarbons in General

    5. R 12 and R 22

    6. Other Halogenated Hydrocarbons

    7. Halogenated Hydrocarbon Mixtures

    8. Other Refrigerants

    9. Absorbant Mixtures

    10. Oils: Properties, Miscibility with Refrigerants

    Β — Compression System in General

    1. Generalities and Miscellaneous

    2. Multistage Compression Machines

    3. Arrangement of the Refrigerating Circuit

    C — Compressors and Ancillaries

    1. Generalities

    2. Piston Compressors

    3. Compressor Valves

    4. Turbo-Compressors

    5. Rotary Compressors and Miscellaneous

    6. Hermetically-Sealed Moto-Compressors

    7. Compressor Testing, Efficiency and Control

    8. The Functioning and Operational Problems of Compressors

    9. Motors for Compressors

    10. Lubrication, Entrainment and Separation of Oil

    D — Condensers, Evaporators and Ancillaries

    1. Heat Exchangers in General

    2. Condensers: Generalities

    3. Air Cooled Condensers

    4. Evaporative Condensers

    5. Water Cooled Condensers

    6. Cooling Towers

    7. Evaporators

    Ε — Refrigerant Circulation, Piping, Control, Safety

    1. Refrigerant Flow Controllers

    2. Piping

    3. Control and automation in General

    4. Control and Safety Devices for Refrigerants

    5. Capillary Control

    6. Thermostatic and Other Expansion Valves

    7. Thermostats and Temperature Control

    8. Maintenance of the Refrigerating Circuit

    F — Absorption and Steam Jet Systems; Air Refrigeration, Cold Gas Machine; Other Systems

    1. Absorption System: Generalities (Principle, Design)

    2. Absorption Industrial Machines

    3. Absorption System: Solar Energy Heating

    4. Steam Jet System

    5. Air and Cold Gas Machines

    6. Vortex Effect

    7. Other Cooling Systems

    G — Thermoelectric Cooling

    1. Generalities

    2. Principle, Design

    3. Thermoelectric Materials and Elements

    4. Thermoelectric Units and Household Refrigerators

    5. Other applications

    Η — Distribution of Cold: Equipment and Operation

    1. Liquid and Solid Refrigerating Mediums

    2. Ventilation and Air Distribution in General

    3. Coolers and Cold Batteries

    4. Air Washers and Filters

    5. Air Humidity and Drying

    6. Frosting and Defrosting

    7. Corrosion, Scaling and Their Control

    I — Insulants and Various Materials for the Refrigerating Industry

    1. Insulating Materials: Generalities

    2. Expanded Plastic Insulants: Generalities

    3. Expanded Plastic Insulants: Particularities

    4. Miscellaneous Insulants (Other than Expanded Plastics)

    5. Insulating Techniques in General — Protection against Water Vapor

    6. Insulating Techniques at Very Low Temperatures

    7. Various Materials for the Refrigerating Industry

    CH. IV — Refrigerating Plants (Essentially in the Food Domain)

    A — Household Cabinets

    1. Generalities and Miscellaneous

    2. Refrigerating Equipment

    3. Refrigerator Bodies

    4. Household Freezers

    Β — Commercial Cabinets and Refrigerating Equipment

    1. Display Cabinets for Refrigerated Products

    2. Cabinets for Frozen Products

    C — Cold Stores: Construction, Insulation

    1. Generalities

    2. Prefabricated Cold Stores

    3. Insulation (Walls and Ceilings)

    4. Humidification of Insulation and Watertightness

    6. Floor Insulation and Soil Freezing

    7. Cold Room Doors

    D — Cold Stores and Freezing Factories: Design and Description

    1. Economy and Design of Cold Stores in General

    2. Description of Multipurpose Cold Stores

    3. Economy and Design of Fruit Stations (Fruit Stores)

    4. Description of Fruit Stations (Fruit Stores)

    5. Characteristics of Controlled Atmosphere Premises

    6. Cold Stores and Refrigerating Equipment for Meat and Poultry

    7. Cold Stores for Frozen Products

    8. Locker-plants

    9. Freezing Factories and Plants

    10. Specialized and Various Cold Stores

    Ε — Cold Stores and Freezing Factories: Refrigerating Equipment and Operation

    1. Arrangement of the Refrigerating System

    2. Automatic Operation of the Refrigerating System

    3. Temperature, Humidity and air Control

    4. Purification and Deodorization of Air

    5. Handling and Storage Density

    6. Maintenance and Economy of Operation

    F — Manufacture of Ice (Water Ice and Solid Carbon Dioxide)

    1. Manufacture of Water Ice — Generalities

    2. Water Block-Ice

    3. Water Small Ice

    4. Solid Carbon Dioxide

    G — Freeze-Drying Plants

    CH. V — Refrigerated Transport and Packaging

    A — Transport by Land in General

    1. Generalities

    2. Measurement and Calculation of Heat Transfer in Insulated and Refrigerated Vehicles

    3. Transport Insulation

    4. Liquid Nitrogen and Other Liquefied Gas Cooling

    5. Cooling by Other Refrigerants (Solid Carbon Dioxide)

    Β — Transport by Rail

    1. Generalities

    2. Insulation of Trucks

    3. Refrigerated Trucks

    4. Liquid Nitrogen and Other Liquefied Gas Cooling

    5. Mechanically Refrigerated Trucks and Trains

    6. Conditions for the Transport of Foodstuff's in Refrigerated Railcars

    C — Transport by Road

    1. Generalities

    2. Insulation of Road Vehicles

    3. Refrigerated Road Vehicles

    4. Liquid Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Other Liquefied Gas Cooling

    5. Mechanically Refrigerated Vehicles

    6. Conditions for the Road Transport of Foodstuff's

    D — Transport by Water

    1. Monographs of Ships

    2. Refrigerating Techniques Aboard Ships

    3. Insulation of Holds and Tanks

    4. Fishing-Vessels

    5. Banana Ships

    6. Conditions for the Sea Transport of Foodstuffs

    Ε — Transport by Air

    F — Containers and Packaging

    1. Insulated and Ventilated Containers

    2. Refrigerated Containers

    3. Packaging for Fresh and Chilled Products

    4. Packaging for Frozen Products

    5. Packaging for Freeze-Dried Products

    CH. VI — Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

    A — Basic Data and Economics of Air Conditioning

    1. Air Conditioning in General

    2. Comfort Climatic Conditions

    3. Calculation of Heat Loads

    4. Air Conditioning Economics

    Β — Air Conditioning Techniques and Equipment

    1. Considerations on Power

    2. Refrigerating Equipment

    3. Water Cooling

    4. Humidification, Dehumidification and Air Purification

    5. Air Flow and Distribution

    6. Room Air Conditioners

    7. Heat Exchangers and Cooled Ceilings

    8. Multi-ducts and Multi-pipe Systems

    9. Control of Air Conditioning Plants

    10. System Hazards and Their Prevention

    C — Comfort Air Conditioning

    1. Residential Buildings

    2. Offices

    3. Schools

    4. Hospitals

    5. Commercial Centers

    6. Public Rooms

    7. District Air Conditioning

    8. Miscellaneous Applications

    D — Air Conditioning in Laboratories and Industry

    1. Industrial applications in General

    2. Laboratories

    3. Electronic Equipment, Radio and Television Centers

    4. Printing-Works, Libraries and Museums

    5. Textile Industry

    6. Mines and Underground Spaces

    7. Food Industries

    8. Miscellaneous Industries

    Ε — Air Conditioning in Transport Vehicles

    1. Railways

    2. Road Vehicles

    3. Ships

    4. Aircraft and Space Cabins

    F — Heat Pumps

    1. Generalities — Design

    2. Industrial and Miscellaneous Applications

    CH. VII —Industrial and Miscellaneous Applications of Refrigeration

    A — The Liquefied Gas Industry

    1. Liquefaction and Purification of Gases in General

    2. Air Liquefaction and Separation; Liquid Oxygen and Nitrogen

    3. Hydrocarbons

    4. Liquefaction of Natural Gas and Other Gases

    5. Storage and Transfer of Liquefied Gases

    6. Sea Transport of Liquefied Gases

    7. Materials for Liquefied Gas Equipment

    Β — Various Chemical and Allied Industries

    1. Chemical Industry: Generalities

    2. Miscellaneous Gases

    3. Plastics and Rubber

    4. Other Chemical and Allied Industries

    C — Metallurgical Industries

    1. Cold Treatment of Metals

    2. Properties and Uses of Metals at Low Temperatures

    3. Welding

    4. Cooling of Machines and Tools

    5. Electric and Electronic Industries

    D — Civil Engineering

    1. Soil Freezing

    2. Cooling of Concrete and Dams

    3. Building and Miscellaneous

    Ε — Miscellaneous Applications of Refrigeration in Industry

    2. Water Treatment (Desalting of Sea Water)

    3. Skating Rinks

    4. Refrigerating Plants for Missiles and Space Vehicles

    5. Climatic Testing Plants

    6. Various Plants

    CH. VIII — Biological and Medical Applications of Refrigeration

    A — Storage of Cells, Tissues and Cultures

    1. Freezing of Cells and Tissues in General

    2. Lyophilisation of Tissues in General

    3. Storage of Bacteria and Vaccines (Freezing, Lyophilisation,..)

    4. Storage of Blood

    5. Storage of Bones, Various Tissues and Organs

    6. Storage of Semen

    Β — Effect of Temperature on Man and Animals

    C — Artificial Hibernation

    D — Therapeutic Cold Treatments

    Ε — Miscellaneous Biological Applications of Refrigeration

    CH. IX — Applications of Refrigeration to Agricultural and Food Products

    1st Part — Generalities

    A — Applications of Refrigeration to Food Products in General

    Β — Cooling of Foodstuffs

    C — Freezing of Foodstuffs

    D — Freeze-Drying and Other Preservation Processes for Foodstuffs

    2nd Part: Plants and Food Products from Plants

    Ε — Seeds and Living Plants

    F — Chilled Fruit in General

    G — Chilled Fruit: Species

    Η — Fruits Frozen or Treated by Other Processes

    I — Chilled Vegetables

    J — Vegetables Frozen or Treated by Other Processes

    Κ — Other Plant Products

    3rd Part — Animal Products

    L — Meat and Meat Products: Generalities, Chilling and Other Treatment

    Μ — Meat and Meat Products: Freezing and Other Processes

    Ν — Poultry

    O — Fish: Generalities, Chilling and Combined Treatment

    Ρ — Fish: Freezing and Other Treatments

    Q — Other Fishery Products

    R — Eggs

    S — Milk and Dairy Products

    Τ — Miscellaneous Animal Products

    4th Part — Food and Agricultural Industries

    U — Ice Cream

    V — Beverages

    W — Bakery and Confectionery Products

    X — Other Food Products

    CH. X — Regulation, Economics, Trade Education

    A — Standards and Regulations

    1. Nomenclature and Units

    2. Standards for Equipment. Methods of Testing. Safety

    3. Standards for Food Products

    Β — Economics and Statistics

    1. World-Wide Studies

    2. Europe in General

    3. France

    4. Germany (Federal Republic)

    5. Spain

    6. Italy

    7. Poland

    8. Scandinavia

    9. United Kingdom

    10. U.S.S.R

    11. Other European Countries

    12. U.S.A.

    13. Other Countries

    C — Education and Trade Activities

    1. Research and Organization in the Field of Refrigeration

    2. Refrigeration Education and Popularization

    3. Hygiene and Safety in the Refrigeration Industry

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  • Published: January 1, 1969
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Dr. Sam Stuart is a physiotherapist and a research Fellow within the Balance Disorders Laboratory, OHSU. His work focuses on vision, cognition and gait in neurological disorders, examining how technology-based interventions influence these factors. He has published extensively in world leading clinical and engineering journals focusing on a broad range of activities such as real-world data analytics, algorithm development for wearable technology and provided expert opinion on technology for concussion assessment for robust player management. He is currently a guest editor for special issues (sports medicine and transcranial direct current stimulation for motor rehabilitation) within Physiological Measurement and Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, respectively.

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Senior Research Fellow, Department of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation, Northumbria University, UK Honorary Physiotherapist, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, North Shields, UK

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