Bennett's Ophthalmic Prescription Work

4th Edition


  • Kelvin Wakefield
    • Print ISBN 9780750646697


    All too often the technical jargon and mystery surrounding various manufacturing processes can seem daunting at best and confusing at worst. However, this practical and down-to-earth book aims to demystify manufacturing optics, taking the subject out of its academic ivory tower and putting it firmly where it belongs in the real world of the industry, workshop and the clinic.

    Prepared by an optical technician with extensive teaching and practical experience, Kelvin Wakefield has written text in a clear and approachable style, avoiding formulae or technical jargon.

    This classic text will continue to be a valuable introduction for everyone entering the field of retail and manufacturing optics including dispensing opticians, optical assistants, technicians and receptionists.

    Table of Contents

    PART ONE: General introduction; The ophthalmic lens industry and materials; The spectacle frame industry and materials; Spectacle frame nomenclature; Spectacle frame dimensions; Lens shapes and sizes; The prescription order form; Spherical lenses; Astigmatic lenses; Toric lenses; Chapter revision; PART TWO: Optical centration; Ophthalmic prisms; Neutralisation; The focimeter (lens analyser or lensmeter); Glazing; Inspection/final verification; Chapter revision; PART THREE: Fused multifocals; Glass solid multifocals; Resin multifocals; Progressive lenses (PALs - progressive addition lenses); Franklin (split) and 'bonded' lenses; High powered and lenticular lenses; Aspheric lenses; Anti-reflection, tinted and protective lenses; Lens surfacing/manufacturing; PART FOUR APPENDICES: Vertex power allowances; Sags of lens surfaces; Powers of cylinders at oblique meridians; Decentrations and prismatic effects; Compensation for change in vertex distance; Flow chart for a prescription house; Index.


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