Behavioural Change

1st Edition

An Evidence-Based Handbook for Social and Public Health


  • Colette Browning
  • Shane Thomas
    • Print ISBN 9780443073571

    Key Features

    For all topics, the following questions are posed:
    • What is the scope of the problem within the international communities?
    • What approaches are typically used to prevent or treat it?
    • What is the evidence as to the most effective approaches to prevention and treatment?
    • What is the performance of these approaches in terms of prevention/diversion and full or partial recovery for the short and long term?

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction

    2. Models of behaviour change and health promotion

    3. Achieving effectiveness in health promotion programs: evidence, infrastructure and action

    4. Eating and nutrition

    5. Sexual health and behaviour change

    6. Alcohol and drug use: Theoretical integration of interventions to prevent harm.

    7. Changing physical activity and exercise patterns

    8. Tobacco dependence, smoking prevention and cessation

    9. Management of depression

    10. Interventions for insomnia

    11. Problematic gambling behaviour

    12. Crash and injury prevention

    13. Self-management and chronic illness

    14. Pushing the boundaries of evidence-based research: enhancing the application and sustainability of health promotion programs in diverse populations

    15. The way forward in the design and development of effective behaviour change programs


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