Beam And Fiber Optics

Beam And Fiber Optics

1st Edition - January 1, 1976

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  • Author: J.A. Arnaud
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323149242

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Beam and Fiber Optics discusses the concepts of wave and geometrical optics that are most relevant to a deeper understanding of beam optics. This book is organized into five chapters that provide the necessary algebraic details, particularly the laws of beam propagation through unaberrated optical systems. The first chapter presents a broad view of the subject matter and a comparison between the laws of mechanics and the laws of optics. Chapter 2 explores the laws of propagation of Gaussian beams through freespace, unaberrated lenses, or lenslike media and resonators. The simplest configurations (two-dimensional with isotropic media) are first considered, but a few advanced problems are also treated. This chapter also discusses the use of Gaussian beams at millimeter wavelengths. In Chapter 3, various wave equations relevant to beam optics are given, and their relationship is examined. This text also emphasizes the importance of the Lorentz reciprocity theorem for problems of coupling between beams or fibers. The geometrical optics limit of wave equations is addressed in Chapter 4. This chapter also considers the propagation of optical pulses in dispersive inhomogeneous (graded-index) fibers based on the point of view of Hamiltonian optics. The final chapter is devoted to piecewise homogeneous dielectric waveguides, such as the dielectric slab and the dielectric rod. A method to evaluate the bending loss of open waveguides is described. This book will be useful to students, professors, and research engineers in the field of electromagnetic communication.

Table of Contents

  • Preface


    Notations and Definitions

    1 Description of Optical Beams

    1.1 Diffraction by Apertures

    1.2 Beam Guidance by Lenses

    1.3 Continuously Guiding Media

    1.4 Fabrication of Optical Waveguides

    1.5 Transverse and Axial Coupling

    1.6 Optical Resonators

    1.7 The Mechanical Theory of Light

    1.8 Rays in Isotropic and Anisotropic Media

    1.9 Experiments in Dynamics

    1.10 Wave Propagation


    2 Gaussian Beams

    2.1 The Wave Equation

    2.2 The Gaussian Solution

    2.3 Beam Half-Width, Wavefront Radius of Curvature, and On-Axis Phase

    2.4 Propagation in Free Space

    2.5 Propagation through Uniform Lenslike Media

    2.6 Refraction of a Gaussian Beam by a Lens

    2.7 Ray Matrices

    2.8 Transformation of a Gaussian Beam by an Optical System

    2.9 Media with Nonuniform Loss or Gain

    2.10 Coupling between Gaussian Beams

    2.11 Bent Fibers

    2.12 Integral Transformations

    2.13 Two-Dimensional Optical Resonators

    2.14 Resonators with Gaussian Apertures

    2.15 Mode Discrimination in Resonators with Rotational Symmetry

    2.16 Hermite-Gauss Modes in Two Dimensions

    2.17 Hermite-Gauss Modes in Three Dimensions; The Helical Fiber

    2.18 Modes in Two-Dimensional Resonators

    2.19 Excitation of Resonators

    2.20 Three-Dimensional Resonators; Anisotropic Resonators

    2.21 The WKB Approximation of Gaussian Beams and Other Representations

    2.22 Gaussian Beams in Quasi-Optics


    3 Wave Equations

    3.1 Hyperbolic, Parabolic, and Elliptic Equations

    3.2 The Maxwell Equations

    3.3 The Geometrical Optics Limit

    3.4 The Helmholtz Equation

    3.5 The Fock Equation

    3.6 Axial Coupling

    3.7 Transverse Coupling

    3.8 Bianisotropic Media

    3.9 Reciprocity and Orthogonality

    3.10 Equality of the Group and Energy Velocity

    3.11 Moving Media

    3.12 The Surface of Wave Vectors

    3.13 Nondispersive Lossless Media

    3.14 The Surface of Ray Vectors

    3.15 Transverse Form of the Maxwell Equations

    3.16 The Coupled Mode Equations

    3.17 Perturbation Formulas and Variational Principles


    4 Geometrical Optics

    4.1 Time-Harmonic Plane Waves in Homogeneous Stationary Media

    4.2 Time-Harmonic Plane Waves in Inhomogeneous Stationary Media

    4.3 Time-Invariant, z-Invariant Media

    4.4 The Descartes-Snell Law of Refraction

    4.5 The Point-Eikonal

    4.6 The Phase Space

    4.7 Time-Dependent Phenomena

    4.8 Time of Flight in Graded-Index Fibers without Material Dispersion

    4.9 Time of Flight in Circularly Symmetric Fibers without Material Dispersion

    4.10 The Method of Strained Coordinates

    4.11 Time of Flight in Circularly Symmetric Fibers with Inhomogeneous Dispersion

    4.12 Nonuniform Losses

    4.13 Incoherent Sources

    4.14 Acceptance of Optical Fibers

    4.15 Evolution of the Distribution in Spatial Phase Space

    4.16 Pulse Broadening in Multimode Optical Fibers

    4.17 Experiments with Multimode Fibers

    4.18 General Results in Gaussian Optics

    4.19 General Properties of the Ray Matrix

    4.20 Evaluation of the Point-Eikonal in the Approximation of Gauss

    4.21 Focusing and Deflection of Optical Beams by Cylindrical Mirrors

    4.22 Transformation of the Polarization

    4.23 Aberrated Degenerate Optical Resonators

    4.24 The WKB Approximation in Graded-Index Fibers


    5 Piecewise Homogeneous Media

    5.1 Stratified Media

    5.2 Total Reflection; The Goos-Hänchen Shift

    5.3 The Dielectric Slab

    5.4 Periodic Layers

    5.5 Propagation along Contacting Dielectric Tubes

    5.6 Tapered Slabs

    5.7 The Dielectric Rod; The Scalar Approximation

    5.8 The Dielectric Rod; High-Order Modes

    5.9 The Dielectric Rod; Whispering-Gallery Modes

    5.10 The Dielectric Rod; Exact Solutions

    5.11 Coupling between Trapped Modes; Cross Talk

    5.12 Reduction of Cross Talk between Dielectric Slabs

    5.13 Coupling between Round Fibers

    5.14 Coupling to Mode Sinks

    5.15 Bending Loss of a Reactive Surface

    5.16 Bending Loss of a Dielectric Slab

    5.17 Bending Loss of the Round Fiber

    5.18 Radiation Losses due to a Wall Perturbation

    5.19 Optical Fibers for Communication


    Author Index

    Subject Index

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  • No. of pages: 468
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1976
  • Published: January 1, 1976
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9780323149242

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J.A. Arnaud

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