Baynes and Dominiczak's Medical Biochemistry Flash Cards - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780323081931, 9780702062605

Baynes and Dominiczak's Medical Biochemistry Flash Cards

1st Edition

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Authors: Marek Dominiczak
ISBN: 9780323081931
eBook ISBN: 9780702062605
Imprint: Saunders
Published Date: 4th September 2012
Page Count: 285


Get more out of your biochemistry review with Baynes and Dominiczak’s Medical Biochemistry Flash Cards! 224 clinically focused, full-color cards not only prepare you for exams, but also help you apply what you’ve learned to your future medical practice. Quick and easy to use, these portable and versatile flash cards are extremely effective for learning and retaining challenging biochemistry content.

Key Features

  • Pick and choose which topics to study on the go – cards are hole-punched and include a handy ring for portability.
  • Visualize challenging concepts and retain what you’ve learned with full-color images and short, clinically-focused summaries of key information on each card.
  • Go directly to Baynes and Dominiczak’s Medical Biochemistry, 3rd Edition textbook for more information with convenient page references on every card.
  • Learn more efficiently and effectively with cards that clearly follow the familiar chapter format of your textbook.
  • Access the cards from any computer or mobile device and download images at

Table of Contents


1 Overview

AA and proteins

2 Types of amino acids neutral, basic acidic

3 HH and ionization pK; HH and buffers

4 Protein structure- primary to quarternary

5 Techniques of protein separation

Carbohydrates and lipids

6 Classification of carbohydrates

7 Fatty acids

8 Lipids


9 Blood- components. Complete blood count.

10 Plasma proteins

11 Immunoglobulins

12 The transport function of plasma


13 Heme, myoglobin and haemoglobin Oxygen- pressures

14 Allosterism, Bohr effect 2,3-DPG


15 Energy and Classification

16 Enzymes and disease

17 Enzyme kinetics. Enzyme inhibiton

18 Enzyme regulation


19 Overview. Causes of excessive bleeding Platelets

20 Coagulation

21 Fibrinolysis


22 Structure

23 Modes of transport

24 Primary active transporters Glucose transporters

25 Calcium transport and muscle contraction

26 Acid secretion in the stomach


27 The process of oxidation of fuels Reduced coenzymes and ATP

28 Oxidative phosphorylation

29 ATP synthase

30 Electron shuttles

31 Inhibitors and uncouplers

GI tract

32 GI tract and digestion

33 Digestion of carbohydrates

34 Digestion of lipids

35 Digestion of proteins


36 Fat soluble vitamins

37 Water soluble vitamins

38 Vit B12

39 Trace elements


40 Glycolysis- investment stage

41 Glycolysis- yield stage

42 Glycolysis and other pathways

43 Pentose phosphate pathway- the redox


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About the Author

Marek Dominiczak

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Medical Humanities, University of Glasgow; Consultant Biochemist, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde; Department of Biochemistry, Gartnavel General Hospital, Glasgow, UK