Basic Skills for Nursing Assistants in Long-Term Care

1st Edition


  • Bernie Gorek
  • Sheila Sorrentino
    • Print ISBN 9780323022033

    Key Features

    • UNIQUE! Mosby's Nursing Assistant CD-ROM, bound in the text, includes 25 procedures with corresponding video clips & exercises, an audio glossary, and Body Spectrum - an electronic anatomy coloring book.
    • Written by well-known, trusted authors Sheila Sorrentino and Bernie Gorek.
    • The nursing assistant's responsibilities related to the care of residents in long-term care facilities are described, as identified in the OBRA regulations, both in scope and sequence.
    • Only OBRA-mandated content or material that is essential to understanding that content is included, making this the perfect textbook for courses with limited time and resources.
    • Written in an easy-to-understand style at a 7th-grade reading level.
    • Over 60 procedures stress quality of life and are divided into pre-procedure, procedure, and post-procedure sections for easier learning.
    • Hundreds of full-color photos and drawings engage students' interest and clearly show how to perform important tasks.
    • Caring About Culture boxes provide insight and awareness about the practices of various cultures to help students provide culturally sensitive care to residents.
    • Delegation Guidelines describe what the student needs to know and understand before accepting delegated tasks.
    • Safety Alerts emphasize important actions required to ensure the safety of both residents and staff.
    • Procedures included in the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) are highlighted to help students focus their study for this exam.
    • Body structure and function are integrated in boxes to help students better understand associated health problems.
    • What You Will Learn and Key Terms with definitions help students focus on essential information to prepare them to understand chapter content.
    • Chapter review questions help students evaluate what they've learned.

    Table of Contents

    1. Working in Long-Term Care
    2. Communication and Interpersonal Skills
    3. Preventing Infection
    4. Safety
    5. Basic Emergency Care
    6. Promoting Resident’s Rights and Independence
    7. Measurements
    8. Care of the Resident’s Environment
    9. Observing, Reporting, and Recording
    10. The Dying Person
    11. Oral Hygiene and Bathing
    12. Grooming
    13. Elimination
    14. Nutrition
    15. Skin Care
    16. Assisting With Moving and Positioning
    17. Mental Health Needs
    18. Care of Cognitively Impaired Residents
    19. Basic Restorative Care
    20. Restraint Alternatives and Safe Restraint Use
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