Bacterial Physiology and Metabolism

Bacterial Physiology and Metabolism

1st Edition - January 1, 1969

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  • Author: J. R. Sokatch
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483261386

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Bacterial Physiology and Metabolism focuses on research on bacteria, as well as metabolism of carbohydrates, fermentation, and oxidation of acids. The book first offers information on nutrition and growth of bacterial cultures, including requirements for growth, nutritional classification of bacteria, measurement of bacterial growth, and synchronous growth of bacterial cultures. The manuscript then considers the chemical composition of bacteria, oligosaccharide catabolism, and transport of sugars. The publication takes a look at the fermentation of sugars and aerobic metabolism of carbohydrates. Discussions focus on Embden-Meyerhof fermentations, miscellaneous pathways, and hexose, pentose, polyol, and hexuronic acid oxidation. The text also elaborates on oxidation of organic acids, electron transport, oxidation of hydrocarbons, and protein and amino acid catabolism. The text is a dependable reference for readers interested in bacterial physiology and metabolism.

Table of Contents

  • Contents


    Part One Bacterial Physiology

    Chapter 1. Nutrition

    I. Requirements for Growth

    II. Nutritional Classification of Bacteria


    Chapter 2. Growth of Bacterial Cultures

    I. Measurement of Bacterial Growth

    II. Mathematics of Growth

    III. Growth of Bacteria in Batch Culture

    IV. Growth of Bacteria in Continuous Culture

    V. Synchronous Growth of Bacterial Cultures


    Chapter 3. Chemical Composition of Bacteria

    I. Proteins

    II. Lipids

    III. Carbohydrates

    IV. Nucleic Acids


    Part Two Energy Metabolism

    Chapter 4. Oligosaccharide Catabolism

    I. Digestion of Starch and Glycogen

    II. Digestion of Cellulose

    III. Digestion of Other Polysaccharides by Bacteria

    IV. Cleavage of Galactosides

    V. Cleavage of Glucosides

    VI. Cleavage of Fructosides

    VII. Other Oligosaccharides


    Chapter 5. Transport of Sugars

    I. Transport Systems

    II. Mechanism of Sugar Transport by Bacteria


    Chapter 6. Fermentation of Sugars

    I. Methods of Study

    II. Embden-Meyerhof Fermentations

    III. Non-Embden-Meyerhof Fermentations

    IV. Mixed Pathways

    V. Miscellaneous Pathways


    Chapter 7. Aerobic Metabolism of Carbohydrates

    I. Hexose Oxidation

    II. Hexuronic Acid Oxidation

    III. Pentose Oxidation

    IV. Polyol Oxidation

    V. Miscellaneous Oxidations


    Chapter 8. Oxidation of Organic Acids

    I. The Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle

    II. Metabolism of Other Organic Acids by Bacteria


    Chapter 9. Electron Transport

    I. Enzymes of the Cytochrome System

    II . Respiratory Chains of Bacteria

    III. Oxidative Phosphorylation


    Chapter 10. Oxidation of Hydrocarbons

    I. Oxidation of Saturated Hydrocarbons

    II. Oxidation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons

    III. Miscellaneous Oxidations


    Chapter 11. Protein and Amino Acid Catabolism

    I. Digestion of Proteins and Peptides

    II. Transport of Peptides and Amino Acids

    III. Metabolism of Amino Acids


    Chapter 12. Metabolism of Inorganic Compounds

    I. Hydrogen Oxidation

    II. Oxidation of Iron

    III. Oxidation of Ammonia to Nitrate

    IV. Nitrate Respiration

    V. Oxidation of Sulfur Compounds

    VI. Reduction of Sulfate; Sulfate Respiration


    Chapter 13. Photosynthetic Energy Metabolism

    I. Energy Considerations

    II. The Bacterial Photosynthetic Apparatus

    III. Photosynthesis and Generation of ATP


    Part Three Biosynthetic Metabolism

    Chapter 14. Autotrophic Carbon Dioxide Fixation

    I. Production of Reducing Power

    II. The Reductive Pentose Cycle

    III. The Reductive Carboxylic Acid Cycle


    Chapter 15. Carbohydrate Biosynthesis

    I. From Acetate

    II. Formation of Monosaccharides

    III. Formation of Polysaccharides by Bacteria


    Chapter 16. Biosynthesis of Amino Acids

    I. Assimilation of Inorganic Nitrogen

    II. Biosynthesis of Amino Acids

    III. Regulation of Metabolic Processes


    Chapter 17. Biosynthesis of Lipids

    I. Biosynthesis of Fatty Acids

    II. Complex Lipids


    Chapter 18. Biosynthesis of Nucleic Acids

    I. Formation of Purine and Pyrimidine Nucleotides

    II. Biosynthesis of DNA

    III. Biosynthesis of RNA


    Chapter 19. Biosynthesis of Proteins

    I. Amino Acid Activation

    II. Transcription of The Genetic Code

    III. Translation of the Genetic Code

    IV. Regulation of Protein Synthesis


    Author Index

    Subject Index

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  • No. of pages: 456
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 1969
  • Published: January 1, 1969
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483261386

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