Established almost 30 years ago, Methods in Microbiology is the most prestigious series devoted to techniques and methodology in the field. Now totally revamped, revitalized, with a new format and expanded scope, Methods in Microbiology will continue to provide you with tried and tested, cutting-edge protocols to directly benefit your research.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* Focuses on the methods most useful for the microbiologist interested in the way in which bacteria cause disease * Includes section devoted to 'Approaches to characterising pathogenic mechanisms' by Stanley Falkow * Covers safety aspects, detection, identification and speciation * Includes techniques for the study of host interactions and reactions in animals and plants * Describes biochemical and molecular genetic approaches * Essential methods for gene expression and analysis * Covers strategies and problems for disease control


Microbiologists, scientists working in infectious diseases, pathogenesis, bacteriology, mycology, plant science, and immunology.

Table of Contents

Preface. The Detection of Virulence Genes Expressed within Infected Cells, R.H. Valdivia and S. Falkow. Laboratory Safety--Working With Pathogens: P.V. Tearle, Introduction. P.V. Tearle, Safe Working Practices in the Laboratory--Safe Person Strategy. P.V. Tearle, Safe Working Practices in the Laboratory--Safe Place Strategy. Detection, Identification, and Speciation: P. Vandamme, Introduction. M. Ieven, Detection. P. Vandamme, Speciation. P. Vandamme, Identification. Host Interactions - Animals: T.J. Mitchell, Introduction. A.D. Jackson, R.B. Dowling, and R. Wilson, Interaction of Bacteria and Their Products with Tissues in Organ Culture. B. Burke, Transgenic and Knockout Animals in the Study of Bacterial Pathogenesis. T.S. Wallis, Interactions of Bacteria and their Products in Whole Animals Systems. D. Charboneau and J.B. Rubins, Interaction of Bacteria and their Products with Tissue Culture Cells. Host Interactions - Plants: M.J. Daniels, Introduction. M.J. Daniels, Testing Pathogenicity. A. Collmer and S.V.Beer, hrp Genes and Their Function. U. Bonas, Avirulence Genes. B. Py, F. Barras, S. Harris, N. Robson, and G.P.C. Salmond, Extracellular Enzymes and Their Role in Erwinia Virulence. C.L. Bender, Bacterial Phytotoxins. S.E. Lindow, Epiphetic Growth and Survival. Biochemical Approaches: K. Hardie and P. Williams, I


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@qu:" excellent job of combining an overview of the basic questions in the study of bacterial pathogens and virulence with descriptions of experimental design and procedures. ...good job of placing this information into and experimental context." @source:—David Nunn, University of Illinois, in ASM NEWS (2000) @from:Praise for the Series @qu:"An invaluable resource for the detailed analysis of cellular gene function and genome architecture." @source:—NATURE